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Mario World but it not Kaizo (Trust) by GuilhermeYT

File Name: Mario World but it not Kaizo (Trust)
Submitted: by GuilhermeYT
Authors: GuilhermeYT
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: This is my first Hack Rom and I made from troll my best friend and he say:Put this hack in smwcentral.

And I say:ok

I am Brazilian and this is my first hack hope you like it
Mario World but it not Kaizo (Trust)
Thank you for the opportunity to moderate “Mario World but it not Kaizo (Trust)”. Unfortunately, I am going to have to reject this hack, and I am concerned that the spirit of it may be incompatible with smwcentral’s Core Values. However, I encourage you to re-read the Core Values closely, and consider submitting this after revision if you feel it is aligned with the site’s Core Values and rules.

Mostly, my concern is that this hack violates Core Value #2 (, which suggests that hacks that primarily make small edits to the vanilla game are not allowable without special concern. This hack is exclusively edits to the vanilla levels that mostly move small things around or add a mass of blocks or sprites. It is my opinion that the level of creativity put into these edits is not sufficient to create an exception to this rule.

This hack violates two additional Core Values; notable, Core Value #3, in that it lacks a custom overworld, and Core Value #6, in that it has numerous instances of cutoff that are obvious and intentional. Also, while I think no custom graphics/asm/music were used, credit should be given for the tools used for editing ( The screenshots are also in violation of the guidelines (

I also have concern about the category. Kaizo hacks are expected to play much more linearly than this, and usually employ Counter Break ( to avoid carrying over power-ups and Yoshi from one level to the next. This is decidedly standard, or maybe troll. Also, you note only 13 exits work, but I got to 17 and could have kept going.