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Pizza of challenges by Pizzagamer9791

File Name: Pizza of challenges
Submitted: by Pizzagamer9791
Authors: Pizzagamer9791
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: This hack has very difficult tricks, it's my second hack I hope you have fun with the tricks
I'm rejecting this due to there being minor issues that need to be addressed before it can be accepted.

The current screenshots are formatted incorrectly. Please review the guidelines for screenshots found here and update them accordingly. The information at the bottom of the guidelines page gives simple instructions for how to capture screenshots correctly in common emulators such as snes9x and bsnes.

In the second section of the first level, Shell Towers, there are multiple points where you can fly above and below the level, skipping a majority of the remaining obstacles.

There are also a few instances throughout the hack where the player can use a key to key jump up to areas that aren't meant to be accessed. Oftentimes this doesn't necessarily help the player but it should be avoided.

The current credits are not acceptable under the new rules in place regarding good-faith effort. Full rules can be found here
Currently, the graphics are credited to yourself and no effort was made to credit resources such as the music used throughout the hack. Please flesh out the credits before resubmission.

Additionally, the credits currently don't count as an exit, making the correct exit count for the hack 9 exits.

Once the above issues are corrected the hack can be accepted.

While not specific reasons for rejection, the following are minor suggestions based on my playthrough that may help improve the overall player experience:

In the level High Shell, the hidden pipe leading to the secret exit is barely visible to the point where some players playing on certain setups may not be able to see. I recommend adjusting this to be more visible.

In the level Hard Shell, there were many attempts where I correctly threw the key up to the on/off switches, but the switch state did not change. I suggest adjusting this setup to make the player experience with the obstacle more consistent.

In the section before the boss in Pizza of Challenges, the door on the far left is located on a screen border. If you enter the door on the left side you will restart from the beginning of the section instead of going to the boss room. I recommend simply moving the set of doors to the right slightly to avoid this interaction.

Again these are just suggestions, not reasons for rejection. Overall I enjoyed my time playing this hack, thank you for making it.