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Mega Mario World 2: Awakened Power by yoshi3706

File Name: Mega Mario World 2: Awakened Power
Submitted: by yoshi3706
Obsoletes: Mega Mario World 2: Awakened Power
Authors: yoshi3706
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 77 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Right after the events of "Mega Mario World: Another Universe", Mario received a call from Toad City. Some tragic events took place when he attended to his duty, so the hero role was passed onto Luigi. Will he be able to become a true hero, or will he be overwhelmed by his new responsibilities?

This hack features 9 worlds (of which 3 are secret worlds) and over 75 exits.

Se ha añadido la traduccion al español!
Tags: asm, exgfx, exploration, gimmick, powerups, story, suggestive dialogue
Thank you for the opportunity to moderate Mega Mario World 2: Awakened Power. This was a stellar hack and very well-polished, but it has a game-breaking issue that needs to be fixed before it can be accepted.

The “mushroom only” block causes numerous glitches. Hitting it on an upthrow with the propellor block (in “Cave Waterfalls”) causes the game to crash (both on FxPak Pro and BSNES). Hitting it with the icy grab blocks will instead cause the mushroom to appear with glitched graphics, but it can be gathered without issue. Hitting it with the pink Yoshi causes a greyed out piranha plant head to appear which cannot be collected.

Minor issues:
Level #3 Toad’s Fortress has an issue with the port and fire which causes glitched crackling audio
When you take an ice block through a pipe it causes glitched graphics and behavior (noticed in “Cosmic Animals”). I think it is acting as a shell.