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Super Mario World-2 by Easy Difficulty

File Name: Super Mario World-2
Submitted: by Easy Difficulty
Authors: Easy Difficulty
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 90 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: So this hack has 8 Worlds and a Special World, and it's by far the biggest project I've made.

There is a lot of custom ASM, sprites, bosses and such, just to keep it interesting.

As for the difficulty, this hack is mainly recommended for experienced players. Nothing

in the first worlds should be too difficult, but in later worlds and especially the Special

World, some may struggle.

The original aim for this hack was to be what a harder, more gimmicky sequel to SMW could've looked like, though that became less of a focus as development progressed. The earlier worlds are most similar to vanilla. Obviously, however, the graphics rarely stray to far from the original SMW graphics.
Tags: asm, bosses, epilepsy warning, hdma, less exgfx, music, sa-1, traditional

This hack was a blast to play! Despite the special world being quite unforgiving, it was one of the most fun experiences that I've had with a full SMW hack, and it really nailed what it was going for.
There are some issues that need to be addressed before this hack is accepted however.

Major issues:

Starting a new game on 2 Player Mode will leave Mario unplayable once the game switches to Luigi, whether it's by dying or beating the level. That issue only seems to fix itself when you reload the game from the same save file as long as it's saved with one exit. You may want to ditch 2 Player Mode if looking for a fix for this is too troublesome.

The pipe at the start of World 4 allows me to go left and head to "Donut Bridge" (World 6) before it's revealed.

This skull raft at the midway of "Skull Volcano" disappears when the first one from the beginning of the level does, forcing the player to reenter the level.

"Grinding Gears" and "Twice The Ice" don't indicate that they have a secret exit in the overworld, despite having them and being essential to access the special world.

The "Unforgiving Tower" shooter gimmick doesn't work if you reenter the level having the midway collected.

Minor issues:

The extended level names patch often don't update them. I think the cause is that the player moves faster than the level names get to switch from one to another, so you may want to keep the player at normal speed to keep this from happening.

The status bar goes behind layer 1 in levels that use layer 3 behind the background. Consider applying this fix.

The World 1 castle doesn't appear destroyed in the main overworld. That can be fixed using layer 1 event tiles.

Slight secret exit reveal issue with "Here be dragons!". You may want to reveal that level tile with a layer 1 event tile instead, since it's on a different map.

In "Above The Overworld", the cloud ledges are passable from the sides but the top act like cement blocks. They probably should act as a ledge/cloud/rope for consistency.

Sometimes, the teleport in this section of "Red Tower Returns" won't trigger after having defeated the enemies. It doesn't happen consistently but I thought that it's worth noting.


Once these issues are addressed, this hack should be good to be accepted!