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Sonic the Hedgehog Kaizo Version by sholmes

File Name: Sonic the Hedgehog Kaizo Version
Submitted: by sholmes
Authors: sholmes
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: what happens if sonic is in his game from 1991 but with kaizo ?, well, this hack is inspired by that game.
the plot tells about sonic, who needs to rescue all the chaos emerald and the master emerald stolen by different bosses.
it also includes one with musics from carol's super kutuku mario.
Tags: custom bosses, custom graphics
I'm rejecting because there's a few issues that need to be fixed before accepting this hack.

The main thing, you scroll the camera with L/R buttons which can break the majority of the setups in this game. I suggest to just globally disable it through hex edit because you don't need to scroll the camera in any instance.

In the first level (Green Hill Zone Act 1), you see a white block that appears to be solid but it's actually a slope assist tile which is kind of misleading the first time you see it.

In the level Marble Zone Act 1, you have to wait a long time to do the very first obstacle, which is not a big issue itself, but it makes this kinda pointless. You may need to move the first podoboo to be closer to Mario.

Also, in this same level, the midway coin doesn't work. I collected it but after dying, I restarted the level from the first screen.

The boss fight of Marble Zone is extremely laggy when there's two podoboos and you stomp a yellow koopa. Also this fight ends abruptly when you do the last hit on the boss, you may need to add a few seconds to make the final jump more doable. Again, these colored turnblocks give the impression they're solid but they're the same slope assist tile. I suggest to just use the upside down rail graphics.

This tileset makes you think this tiles are solid when they're actually air.

In this particular section, there's invisible (or barely visible) turnblocks. The setup works, though is quite unfair with the custom lotus flower projectiles going everywhere, but it's kinda misleading having these turnblocks not fully visible at first glance.

The way this boss fight in Spring Yard Zone is arranged is also extremely misleading, I wasted a lot of time waiting for projectiles to hit the reznors, until I tried to hit the reznors directly with Mario while having p-balloon. The fight itself works as you intend, but... it's really weird to stomp reznors. Maybe changing their graphics to another sprite (i.e. Dino Rhino) would make it more evident.

Here, these blocks appear to be solid but they're actually semisolid. This setup works but the graphics doesn't help to visually communicate it. I'm not sure if this tileset has better graphics for semisolid tiles, otherwise you could just use SMW clouds/ropes tiles.

Overall, this hack feels good and it goes in the right direction, despite having some design choices that I'm not particularly engaged with, but it needs some additional tweaks to make acceptable. Also, despite having the YI intro for levels where levels name appear, I suggest to use Extended OW level names patch, because it is weird to see groups of levels with the same name in the overworld. This is not crucial though, just a mere suggestion.

Once you fix the above issues listed, the hack can be approved.