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Alright, the time is finally up overworld enjoyers. It's time I revealed the results of the first instalment of 72hoOWDC (they may or may not shock you!).

First up on the dramatic countdown: Third Place- wait a moment. I've just been informed that there is in fact NO THIRD PLACE and instead there is a TIE FOR SECOND

So, the silver medalists, with an average score of 44/50 are:
UNHOLY FOREST/The Secret on The Forest by edgar
, and
HOSHISTAR RESORT ★ by Digital Entertainment

First place, with an insane 49.25/50, goes to:
Bowser's New Hideout by  Stivi

For posterity, I inferred the names of the entries from the submission post and clues in the entries themselves, mostly because it looks better this way.

So, as for the full results, you can find them here: Full Results Sheet
There was unfortunately 1 disqualification.

As for each judge's reviews - You can find those here:
Valentine | Donut | icrawfish | lolyoshi

So, that's that! Hope everyone enjoyed this contest and congratulations to the winners and non-winners alike, I'll be doing everything in my power to keep the overworld contests coming.

All participants will be receiving a trophy and all judges and the top 3 will be receiving the usual special trophies as well. However this may take a little bit, you will receive the trophies once we get them ready.
Wow, two 2s is a first. Congratulations for the joint custody your silver medal! The 1st place was amazing, and definitely well earned. Stivi a serious threat in the 2022 contest before dropping out, so it's great to see him roaring into a contest like this for real.

Other Submissions of mine!
Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, 12th of 19th! Not too bad!

Bless the power of tile merging for helping me reach this spot, no seriously. #smrpg{y}
Originally posted by Valentine
Who’s Destin?

Originally posted by lolyoshi
I don't know who this Destin guy is, but he sure does sound wacky.

Mission acomplished!

It was quite a fun contest to build around the same paths which, as I've mentioned before, reminds me of the same sprites, different level idea we had in previous 24ho contests.

The only thing I was wondering (and seriously tempted to do) was to
use custom warps in such a way that it changes alongside level tiles and layer 1 tilemap while keeping it the same
but went against it by and have chosen a simpler submap (which in hindsight should have used a different pathing) as it's not only complex to code (so I wouldn't have had enough to time to finish designing my overworld) but also being very loophole-y. It does make an interesting idea for a full hack, though.

Interestingly, my fanjudging, while not without spoilers (as I did look into who made who), largely matches with the average opinions of the judges with only some outliers.

Edit: Also for completion, I've wrote down who used which submap:
FYI, the following submaps were used in the following submissions:
heyyy congrats to everyone, this was a lot of fun! #smrpg{<3} (i'm just glad i didnt get dq'd i was a little worried #smrpg{ohno})
hi i'm making freak city and idk when i'll be finished <3
well then
time to react to my rankings!
13th Place: I'm most surprised at beating Green Jerry with a rushed entry

5th (how): yeah, this was heavily inspired by JUMP W7(I liked the fire/industrial theme so I thought I might as well) also I was thinking originally of making YI a beach but I'm glad I made VoB fire/industrial (btw it was 34 years not 20)

7th I think (tied with Hammerer and Edgar): can't really say much except yeah I probably should've made the lava less empty but anyway

17th: the levels were kept because it's still VoB but yeah they are kinda unnecessary

15th: yeah there were a lot of missed opportunities as this was rushed to completion

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to judge this! It was my first time being an official judge, so it was interesting to be on the other end of things, as much as I do enjoy making an overworld myself. It was neat seeing what all people were able to come up with in the time window, and especially see a lot of things executed that I never would've thought to do nor expected to be possible within the constraints. Well done, folks!
embed fail!!

Congrats to everyone who joined this contest!
I really enjoyed making this map (Even if the announcement of the contest scared me #wario{-_-"}). As well,
I'm honored to have tied for 2nd place with edgar! It's been a while since the website has seen one of my maps, and I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

Huge props to
Stivi for winning the contest! I have watched his overworld design skills improve over the years at a rate much faster than mine, and I can't wait to see what he makes next!
Congrats to the winners and participants, making an overworld that fast was lots of fun! So many cool and creative entries too, each one really stands out from each other in their own unique way.

Big thanks to the judges for their quick work as well! Your insightful comments will always be appreciated. #smrpg{<3}

I can't wait for the next overworld contest, where I'll turn the main map into a shopping mall.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?