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How do I import the Super Mario Unimaker player sprites into Super Mario World?

I'm very new to hacking Super Mario World, so please be patient with me if I say something uncouth. For fun, I've been wanting to import the Mario sprites used in Super Mario Unimaker into Super Mario World. I found a download for them on the Spriter's Resource, and began following MM102's tutorial. Thing is, some sprites are just two big, like the jumping sprite, for example, and don't fit. Normally I'd just write this whole endeavor off, but I've seen some hacks that successfully use these sprtites. So, I'm wondering, how do I go about importing these sprites into Super Mario World?

The sprites in question:

The tutorial I'm following:
First, you would have to know how to rip graphics, normally done with SnesGFX, and edit the image a bit to limit the amount of colors that will be loaded when ripping the image, as the program is limited to just one palette row only.

Also, you would have to use a patch that increases the player's tilemap. You can try the 32x32 Player Tilemap Patch (if you want, you can see a tutorial here) or Dynamic Z, which supports up to a size of 48x48 pixels for its tilemap (I've honestly never used it).
Thanks for replying. I'll definitely be using the 32x32 tilemap patch.