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The Path from Prisminia by Sayuri

File Name: The Path from Prisminia
Submitted: by Sayuri
Obsoletes: The Path from Prisminia
Authors: Sayuri
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Six years after the events of JTTMK 3, Moonlight has been sailing the world alone in search of people to lend her aid to. What will she find after docking at the beautiful island nation of Prisminia? Hopefully, nothing more than what meets the eye...


An original, more story-focused project with no Mario characters or Nintendo elements. For more detailed information, check out the included readme and demo changelog!

(Crude language tag: A small amount of dialogue contains some swearing.)
Tags: asm, crude language, custom character, exgfx, exploration, music, story, traditional
Fun hack. Wasn't what I expected when I picked it up, but it's nice to see some hacks focus more on exploration and exposition.

Anyway, found a few issues. Mostly a crash and a softlock. Should be easy enough to fix.

Level notes:
* Prism Path
** HDMA weirdness when transitioning areas. Known issue with effect tool, I think. Maks says you need to "store zero to channels used for DMA during certain game modes"
* The West Prism Gap
** Tiny bit of cutoff to the right.
* Spellbinding Sierra
** Side exit is on, and if you walk out it doesn't save your midway, so you'd need to collect 300 more coins to open the area again.
* Lake of the Lost
** Probably should block off the top of the level here.
* Empyrean Crossing
** Floating ASM doesn't play nicely with the cannon sprites.
** Pressing Start+Select during a non-modal text box locks up the game.
* Lab Prodigialis
** Decent amount of slowdown in this level.
** This area is a softlock.