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Adventures Begin by Yutuz

File Name: Adventures Begin
Submitted: by Yutuz
Obsoletes: Aventures Begin
Authors: Yutuz
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 57 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal, Standard: Hard
Description: Join Mario to follow his adventures after saving Princess Peach, an adventure that begins with an enemy fleet and an unknown enemy, in addition to Bowser being totally defeated (someone took his place).

Can you discover his true secret?

For this version many important bugs were corrected, it is found in the README file

*new features added and improvements

*fix junk events

*new easter egg

*much more!
Tags: music custom, new adventure, new graphic, new levels

Major issues:

There's a huge issue with some overworld pipes that once specific events are triggered they have directions enabled that aren't supposed to be there. This makes Mario roam to places that either aren't meant to be accessed or can lead to a dead end (or more specifically, the crane bonus game).

When these start to happen:
- Once you enter World 4 the last pipe from World 1 and the one from the cave transition before World 2's castle allow Mario to go down.
- Once you enter World 5 the last pipe from World 2 and the one from the cave transition before World 2's castle allow Mario to go left, and even access levels that you aren't meant to yet.

The top of the flagpole in some levels kill you instantly, and because that happens speficically at the top right, I'm going to guess that Mario gets pushed into a invisible wall to death. This issue happens in the levels: World 3-A, World 4-2, World 5 Special Level, 5-3, 5-B, World 6-A, and World 7-4.

The midway point in this level doesn't actually bring the player next to it upon reentering the level. You still have to play the entire section of the sublevel that it is from.

This level already starts at the end, possibly a testing leftover.

Beating this level reveals a star warp below its tile, but it makes Mario move to the right instead of moving down.

Once there, I can't move from "Back to earth" at all. I'm not sure if this is related to the previously mentioned star warp that I couldn't access, but that's as far as the hack allowed me to play, and I couldn't get all the exits stated from the submission page.

Minor issues:

Across various levels, mostly in cutscenes and boss battles, the status bar appears miscolored. You should either edit it to use only one color for its shape, and another color for the numbers - doing so will also keep it consistent with how it's presented in other levels, or use the correct palettes for it that come with its patch you applied.

Some overworld indicators often look miscolored, namely the ones for all the level's collected dragon coins and moon. Make sure you've applied the palette file that this resource comes with.

Tile reveals from different maps often happen. The better approach is to reveal these tiles "silently" by placing already revealed level tiles onto them while on event editor mode.

There's some bad-looking path reveals after clearing World 5-B and World 6-A.

On the claw bonus game, instead of the usual "BOMB" graphics upon explosion, it instead shows a bunch of different sprite tilemaps.

This room has only one dragon coin in it, but opening the hack in Lunar Magic shows other four that should've been there. It could be an emulator-specific issue, but it's best to double check how it's currently set up.

Two small isues with this level, respectively:
- The vine is miscolored in the Kamek section.
- The gradient disappears during the door opening.

The use of the key in the overworld indicators for this level is misleading. While the level does make use of a key, it doesn't use it for a secret exit. In fact, there isn't any.

There's a small overlook with the overworld indicators in World 5-1 not having a moon in it, while in the level there's actually one.

The secret exit is impossible to tell. It seems that there are two coins in here, raising them up by one tile would make it a slightly better hint than none at all.

Two small issues with this level, respectively:
- Entering this pipe randomly kills you.
- Entering this pipe shows this stuck red koopa in it upon exiting.

This section in World 5-B will play much better with "Vertical Scroll at Will" instead of require flying to follow Mario.

The propeller tiles probably should act as passable-through.

If stunned at the right time, the Hamma Chuck is despawned for the entire chase sequence of this sublevel.

The second platform sometimes doesn't spawn.

Weird garbled looking tiles at the top of the Larry boss battle.

Submission issues:
The tags are improper. Head to the Tag Guidelines for the Hacks Section page for future uploads.