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Bowser's Revenge 2 v1.1 by Easy Difficulty

File Name: Bowser's Revenge 2 v1.1
Submitted: by Easy Difficulty
Obsoletes: Bowser's Revenge 2
Authors: Easy Difficulty
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 67 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: - VERSION 1.1 DESCRIPTION -

This is just a regular standard hack, and it's about what you could expect from Standard: Hard. The v1.1 update fixes several issues and clears out a lot of enemy spam. You can read the changelog if you want a full list of the changes. The update also adds 3 more levels, if you're interested in playing those.

In conclusion, a mostly generic standard hack. Do note that due to my old 2021-2022 level design, some levels are not that great, but the worst levels were changed in the update.


This is a hack I started on almost a year ago, and eventually decided to finish now. Basically, you run around, enter caves, defeat bosses and eventually kill Bowser. It's just a normal hack with some new graphics and custom enemies and music.

The original Bowser's Revenge has some rough edges so this is basically my attempt at redemption.
Tags: bosses, epilepsy warning, exgfx, music

Moderated with: Snes9x 1.62.3

Overall, I had a good time playing this hack. Fun and good looking levels all around, although I'd say that Bowser's Castle has quite the difficulty spike outside of the special levels.
For a completed hack however, there are a handful of issues that need to be fixed before it can be accepted.


This fire bro from "Ruined Castle" doesn't use its proper tilemap graphics.

[Secret Exit Spoiler]

This part from "Dark Depths" has coins to be turned into used blocks from a P-Switch, but below them there's this invisible solid land that leads to the secret exit. It may be leftover from testing, but if it's not, feel free to keep this when resubmitting your hack.

The status bar goes behind layer 1 in levels that have layer 3 used behind the background. Applying this patch should fix this issue.
On a related note, the layer scrollings on this particular level are a tad awkward.

Minor issues:

This cutoff in "Frozen Coins".

These switch palace levels have the wrong color once they change to their destroyed tile. Might also want to check for the blue switch's destroyed tile when the special palette colors are in.

This thwimp in "Thwomp's Castle" misses the first block it's supposed to fall onto, and dives into the lava instead.

These hammer bros already jump off the ground as soon as the player gets close to them. Nothing essential to fix given how weirdly they work on hacks, but I figured it was important to point them out.

The diagonal podoboos in this section of "The Real Hideout" have graphics that don't match with the ones used for all other sections of the hack.

Lastly, I was able to get 68 exits in the hack, but the submission only mentions 67 of them.


Once these issues are addressed, the hack should be good to be accepted.