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Jeitor Land: The Lost Lasagna by Hectorpn13

File Name: Jeitor Land: The Lost Lasagna
Submitted: by Hectorpn13
Authors: Hectorpn13
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 35 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A hack with 0 important story. Have fun and leave you FeedBack!

This is a second DEMO of Jeitor Land, now with the original hack and a English traslated hack!
Tags: standard gameplay, standard hard

Moderated with: Snes9x 1.62.3

Major issue:

If the Boom Boom ever gets to this corner below the pipe, he won't move at all and it's pretty much a softlock since there's no timer in this level.

Minor issues:

Make sure your ceilings are solid at the top, or that the player can't reach it.

The shelless koopa graphics don't match. Make sure they're changed in both SP1 and SP2.

Use this patch to fix the jump and other sound effects only playing the "hit ground" sound once layer 2 reaches the bottom.

This level that would probably have been the "5-1" of the hack says otherwise in the name intro.


I highly advise that you use different tiles for solid and passable ledges. Make them distinguishable from each other just by looking.

The blocks in the background are the exactly same as the foreground. Making them darker for the background would both make it look better and not confusing when scrolling.

Use this patch to fix the score sprite showing part of the Koopa's headwear at its left on this level.

This tilemap of the Giant Goomba seems to be wrong.

Submission issues:
- Your .zip file includes "Thumbs.db" (an invisible file) in it, which doesn't belong.
- Your tags are improper. Refer to the Tag Guidelines for the Hacks Section page for future uploads.


The hack should be good to be accepted once these issues are addressed.