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What Mario Power-Up would you want in real life?

i've been asking a bunch of my friends this lately and i thought it'd make for an interesting discussion. what power-up feels like it would benefit you most in daily life, or just be fun to play and tinker with?

personally, i dunno why but i'd love a tanooki suit. it's not like, insanely useful, but i'd like to be able to fly and have a big ass tail and turn to stone and scare my friends while they're high or something. it also looks warm and comfy as hell.

that, or a super acorn. it would be super fun to jump around the sides of buildings and cling to 'em. i'd yell obscenities at people and glide away to avoid any consequences.

what about you? explain your answer, show your work, site sources in MLA format.
This is such a fun question! Personally, I think having the ability to use a warp whistle from the Super Mario Bros. series would be incredibly beneficial in daily life. Imagine being able to instantly transport yourself to any location you desire, bypassing traffic jams, long commutes, or crowded public transportation. It would save so much time and energy, allowing for more productivity and leisure. Plus, the element of surprise and adventure that comes with teleportation adds an exciting aspect to mundane tasks like grocery shopping or running errands.geometry dash lite
ahhhhh i never even considered the warp whistle, that one would be a really fun one too. i wonder if it actually does whip up a big tornado like the one in smb3 does, so it could potentially be dangerous, but being able to not have to show up at work until the last minute would be worth it enough lmao