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Upside down shell sprite or asm


Sprite or ASM might work, whichever is easier I guess.

A shell that can be used with the Reverse Gravity Patch by MarioE, so that when gravity is reversed the shell will "fall" upwards instead of down. As well as being able to jump off of it like a vanilla shell when thrown.

To be able to use these shells for upside down shelljumps, or to throw and jump off of them like you could a vanilla shell but just upside down.
That is a lot easier said than done, while it is possible to make a custom sprite like a custom shell "fall" upwards by giving it negative y-speed, the biggest issue is that MarioE's reverse gravity patch doesn't even allow for intended interactions with sprites. Most, if not all sprites, will assume you're falling on it from above in order to do a bounce, falling on it from below will almost always result in getting hurt. MarioE's patch only changed physics, the display of Mario's sprite and block interaction, sprite interaction however was not touched.
I've coded routines in the past that correspond to reverse gravity. Please refer to it.
jumping plant plus
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