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Questionable HackJam #1 - Results


Thank you for your patience as we were getting the results together but it's finally time to announce the winners of the first Questionable HackJam! I would like to thank our judges for this event: authorblues, Amethyst, patcdr, Kezcade, Shoujo and shovda for their hard work this season. Unfortunately BeeKaay had to drop out of judging but we thank him for his willingness.

Here's a quick reminder of the great hacks that were submitted to this event, some of which have already made their way to the Hacks section!

A Helping HandNewPointless & schema_tuna
Age of LuigiDanMario24YT, Dark Prince & SubconsciousEye
BEET JAMAhrion, StayAtHomeStegosaurus, SolveForX, janklorde & NerDose
BOXMAN TANO and the Quest for the VIP PassAnorakun, Daizo Dee Von, Hwailaluta, Mischievous Marc & yogui
Mario Goes to Buy Soft TacosDonut, Nyako, bebn legg,  E-man38
Random Access MemobyAlex, snoruntpyro, Lazy & Mellonpizza
ReverieFyre150 & Abdu
Super Mario World Random Revolution Xanonimzwx, Klonoz, Masterlink, Maxodex & Metal-Yoshi94

Cavern Collectathon from MegaMarioMan9, Runic_Rain, MarioFanGamer, wolfram, and Segment1Zone2 was also submitted but as it was an incomplete entry it was removed from the user voting round and not part of the judging deliberation. But don't worry Cavern Collectathon team, you all will still recieve the participation trophy.

Without further preamble here's the results:

Judge's Choice

  • Best in Show

Winning the hearts and minds (and thumbs) of our judges are the following teams! Additional kudos to "A Helping Hand" and "Reverie" for getting unanimous recognition!

If you would like to read what the judges had to say about the entries you can check out the following document:

Community's Choice

User's Choice

The votes are in and the chosen best entries from this HackJam are:

Level Design is my Passion

These folks can cook a good hack, winning the award for best level design are:

Weird in a Good Way

These teams passed the vibe check and made hacks that had a good atmosphere and aesthetic, the winners of this category are:

Creatively Questionable

They had some out-of-the-box ideas but somehow these creators made it work in Super Mario World, congrats to the winners of this category:

A Bunch Of Silly Sausages

These teams made you laugh, they made you cry (and maybe made you hurt a little).

Other Trophies

  • To all those who participated and submitted an entry you will recieve this Fuzzy Jam trophy

  • Our judges will get this dubious toast trophy their fine work

Congratulations to everyone who won and for taking part! #smrpg{<3}

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Yay yay yay congrats everyone!!

I had such a blast working on a full hack with QLDC rules in mind. Felt great to team up with friends again too, especially for more out there ideas, haha.

Thanks to all the judges for judging and streaming the entries! It was so much fun seeing live reactions to our stuff, as always. Thanks to Amper for hosting the entire contest as well, and the PR team for bringing this whole thing together!

Definitely can't wait for the next HackJam, questionable or not.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Very questionable placements. I imagine all y'all had such a blast questioning your levels. Congrats, questioners!
Thank you  AmperSam, the judges and participants for QuHackJam! #w{<3}

A helping Hand: My favorite entry! Such a very unique co-op hack! This is a must play!

Age of Luigi: You may have win nothing, but I strongly like it! Very fun classic standard hack parody I highly recommand! (especially the final boss)

Beet Jam: Aww you didn't win a jam of beet prize #tb{:p}. 2nd favorite entry!
4/4 JUMP
is one of my favorite levels of all time! I hope there will be more beet levels!

BOXMAN TANO and the Quest for the VIP Pass: Amazing work Team Jank, 3rd favorite entry!
The biggest hack of QuHackJam is very fun overall! The free overworld is super cool (although the level progression is still very linear which is questionable, that's the point! #tb{:j}) Caution for new players, the base difficulty is much higher than ~OMH~ (but easier in its hardest) imo.

Mario Goes to Buy Soft Tacos: Very very close to my 3rd place favorite! I liked every level, like the quiz one, the smb3 one, the ... well you get the idea. Also get the bonus game (get stars from the goal tape), very important!

Random Access Memoby: Ultra extremely hard hack!! I didn't even get to the 1st checkpoint! I wish I could at least visit it with savespam but unfortunately it removes the purpose of that hack, ramdomness. Sorry I didn't enjoy it, I feel it's too much for the players :(

Reverie: The 2 things questionable is: 1. it makes the player have questions, 2. is it a normal HackJam entry? Btw I strongly enjoy it, (although pressing the button X to see text (I use Y as my main run button) is a weird choice). Again very close to my top 3 entries!

Super Mario World Random Revolution X: Although you didn't win a prize because it's more like a qldc entry (if 5 collab entry are allowed), It's a very very impressive hack pushing the boundaries of smw futher! Congratulations!
My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...