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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #4 (2024) - Bracket Round 1: Set C


The submission period is now CLOSED!
Click here to see the full bracket.
Click here to see all of the songs, their sets, and their seeds.

Bracket Round 1: Set C


Yo yo what's up diggity dogs you already know what time it is

The Fourth SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney!!!!!!!!!!!

I assume that anyone reading this knows how this works by now (because most of this post is copypasted from the last time I hosted lol), but if you don't:

- Songs can be VGM or Non-VGM.
- You can nominate up to three songs in total.
- You can only nominate one track per artist.
- Across the whole tourney, only three tracks from the same artist can be nominated (feature credits don't count towards this total).
- YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp links are preferred (contact me if your nominations are not available on any of those sites).
- Since this site has many users from around the world, please use this site to make sure your video links are not blocked in most countries.
- To add to the previous rule, I would strongly advise against submitting YouTube's auto-generated "Topic" videos, because those are often blocked in many countries.
- PLEASE format your nominations as "[Artist] - [Song]". This makes things much easier for me. For example: PSY - Gangnam Style
- You are not allowed to submit any songs that have made the SMWC Music Tourney Hall of Fame™, which consists of the Top 4 of every tourney. However, you ARE allowed to submit artists from it.


Voting will be in the same style as the previous tourneys:

Preliminary Round: Your favorite songs will be picked from "sets" of several songs and will move onto the main tournament.
Bracket Round: The qualifying songs will go through a series of bracket-style single elimination matchups until there is only one song remaining. The final two songs will compete to win the tourney, while the two losers of the Semifinals will compete in the Bronze Vote to decide 3rd place.

If you don't quite get it, this post explains everything in detail (although a few details will be inaccurate as this was for the 2022 tourney). You can also join the SMWCentral Discord server's #music-tourney channel if you have any questions.


Nominations will be due on Monday, May 20th at 7:00 PM EST.

After that, I'll need a bit of time to compile everything and make the tournament's spreadsheet, which will be publicly available; this will be used to track votes in realtime, as well as provide a concrete list of all of the songs and what set they'll be in.

With all of that said, have fun!


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