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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #4 (2024) - Bracket Round 1: Set D


Philip Grass - All I Need (Bandcamp / YouTube)
exquisite nights - future (Bandcamp / YouTube)
Sempra - Love + Joy (Bandcamp / YouTube)

I also saw a Ridge Racer tune submitted; would not mind if that one wins.

Return of peter Cream! Return of Peter Cream!
That's what they said when Peter cream (Me) has a return.

My first musical pick is this action pumping Tune:
Milk Teeth by Japanese Voyeurs
Second up, a real Wolloper. Would you listen to that Bass Guitar!
Dead Cowboy by Lightning Bolt
3: Big Song
The Sound by swans

When i Die they will fly my body over Honk Kong
And with that, submissions are now closed! First set and the spreadsheet will be posted tomorrow at around 1:30 PM EST.
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Okay, let's get started!

As it turns out, we actually got exactly 150 submissions! They have been randomized and divided into 25 sets of 6 songs each. I assume you all know how this works by now, but if not, a set will be posted every 48 hours and you will vote for TWO songs in each one. Ranking every single song is optional, just make it obvious what you're voting for; you're also allowed to vote for your own songs, and you don't have to have submitted to be able to vote. The two songs with the most votes at the end will advance to the Bracket Round. Ties will be allowed to move on for now because the bracket has a lot of empty space.

All of the sets and votes can be found here. There is also a tab for "seeds"; these will be used to determine where songs are placed in the Bracket Round.

Also, I'm a good bit busier this year than before, so  DeppySlide and  Valentine may handle updating this thread on occasion.

And with that...

Preliminary Round: Set A

Tears for Fears - Shout
Japanese Voyeurs - Milk Teeth
Kohta Takahashi - Move Me
Cibelle - Green Grass
Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You (Unplugged)
Pia Fraus - Japanese Heart Software


My first song already. I hope I win
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move me
japanese heart software


milk teeth
green grass
heaven beside you
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / youtube / vgm album
First set and this is already impossible

1. Pia Fraus - Japanese Heart Software: Vibing Music
2. Cibelle - Green Grass: Also Vibing Music
3. Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You (Unplugged): I could definitely chill out to this but the vocals made me put Green Grass above it.
4. Kohta Takahashi - Move Me: Cool song but I wanna know who gets that parking spot
5. Tears for Fears - Shout: Not bad but they have much better songs.
6. Japanese Voyeurs - Milk Teeth: Chip Skylark is not impressed
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1st: Cibelle - Green Grass

2nd: Pia Fraus - Japanese Heart Software


3rd: Japanese Voyeurs - Milk Teeth

4th: Kohta Takahashi - Move Me

5th: Tears For Fears - Shout

6th: Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You (Unplugged)
Kohta Takahashi - Move Me
Pia Fraus - Japanese Heart Software

green grass
Kind of liked them all, but if I have to choose:

Pia Fraus - Japanese Heart Software
Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You (Unplugged)
Tears for Fears - Shout
Pia Fraus - Japanese Heart Software