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Kaizo New World by MrFelix_

File Name: Kaizo New World
Submitted: by MrFelix_
Authors: MrFelix_
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
I'm rejecting this due to a wide variety of issues:

The hack was submitted with no description and incorrect screenshots. Please familiarize yourself with the Submission Guidelines before resubmitting this hack.

The hack doesn't provide infinite lives (or at least a life farm). This is recommended in a kaizo hack where the player is going to lose many lives over the course of a playthrough.

The hack also breaks several of the sites core values:

The hack uses the original Yoshi's Island submap.

There are multiple breaks in most levels such as enemies that aren't needed and/or don't serve a purpose, shell jumps that aren't required to execute, and the final castle which is not beatable. The door to the boss is placed incorrectly (the screen exit is on 03 instead of 00) so it takes you to the bonus game instead of the boss, making it impossible to clear the final level and get all 6 exits.

The player can bring powerups and yoshi out of levels due to the lack of counterbreak.

If you are genuinely interested in resubmitting this hack (or future hacks), I suggest familiarizing yourself with kaizo level design. This thread contains useful information on the general guidelines for making kaizo. Lastly, I also recommend looking for external playtesters. You can find playtesters through the forums or through this discord server.