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My (MichaelE3)'s first rom hack by MichaelE3

File Name: My (MichaelE3)'s first rom hack
Submitted: by MichaelE3
Authors: MichaelE3
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This is my first rom hack ever sense i saw my first rom hack
Thank you for the opportunity to moderate My (MichaelE3)'s first rom hack. Overall, this hack violates many of the site’s core values and must be rejected. Please see below for my concerns, and I advise you to be much more careful that your work is not violating any rules if you choose to submit in the future.
All hacks submitted must have full credits: If you did not use any resources, please say so in your submission notes.
There were many notable graphical glitches or cutoff, in clear violation of Core Value 6 ( This is noticeable immediately in the first level, and is egregious in Yoshi’s Island 1. In addition, Donut Plains 1 was visually very distorted and difficult to see, in a way that could be considered more careless than well designed.
Two of the levels in this hack (donut plains 2 and cookie mountain) are just minor edits to vanilla levels, in clear violation of Core Value 2 (
In the overworld, the star road takes you to the vanilla special world. It should be removed.
A number of text boxes are blank. These should have text or be removed.
If you beat the key exit in Vanilla Secret 2 (which requires precise flight), the overworld has a glitched graphics event.
Level-specific comments:
Vanilla Secret 2:
• There is a lot of ground that is walk-through here. Please be sure that you use the correct tiles.
• The cement blocks should not hurt mario.
• The end has too much enemy spam and causes massive slowdown.
Donut Plains 1:
• The pallete is too extreme. Also, this is just a vanilla level.
Yoshi’s Island 1:
• This level features extreme enemy spam which causes massive slowdown and many lost sprites. Please only include sprites that are expected to be encountered.
• Many of the pipes in this level are “exit enabled” with no level pointer, which means they send the player to the bonus game and softlock the game. Please make sure to only use exit pipes with a properly set destination.