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Super Mario World CE (PT-BR) by test212

File Name: Super Mario World CE (PT-BR)
Submitted: by test212
Authors: test212
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: "Bem-vindo a minha mini hack! SMW CE que demorei apenas dois dias pra fazer (28 do 4 de 2024 ate 30 do 4 de 2024 mas 29 fiquei de castigo)" texto escrito na yoshi house mas esqueci de tirar o texto da versão vanilla falando que no topo da montanha tem um switch palace amarelo
Thank you for the opportunity to moderate Super Mario World CE!. Overall, while this is a promising first attempt, it violates a number of the site’s core rules, and warrants rejection. I would highly encourage you to fix these issues and resubmit. See issues below, and please correct them before resubmission:
All hacks submitted must have full credits: If you did not use any resources, please say so in your submission notes.
There were a few notable graphical glitches or cutoff, which in my mind were notable enough to violate Core Value 6 ( This is first visible in the title screen, and I will note it in individual levels below.
Ponte Ponte
• The giant gate has cutoff tiles at the bottom. Please be sure to lower these and hide them behind the background
• The goal tape here is also misplaced. Please be sure to lower it to the ground so it works as intended.
• The line of blocks at the pipe near the end can be flown over, either with cape or Yoshi. Upon doing this the player is in a vanilla level. Please be sure to remove these vanilla elements from the level.
Fortaleza do Reznor
• This level is full of a glitched sprite. Please change these graphics to something that resembles an enemy
Castela do Bowser
• The coin snake in the beginning makes the P switch glitch and flash visually. Please correct this. This may be as simple as applying this patch (
• The area with water contains extensive cutoff on the edges and surrounding the ? blocks.