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Graphic glich

I put a few of these floating platforms (4 in total) in lava but two of them kind of gliched out.
I also had klimbing koopas but their head was that one gliched sprite from those platforms, so I had to remove them...
Does anyone know a solution to these problems?
You probably altered the Floating Platform's GFX file on accident. If this has happened recently, do the following to revert those changes:

In Lunar Magic, Select File, Restore, then click on "Restore ROM to a previous state". Every time you've saved a ROM, it gets saved there. Click on an old savestate before this problem, and you should be good.

I don't know much about the more in-depth part of SMW, but my guess is that you probably just changed the graphics.

If the graphics are not the problem, it's most likely the large amount of sprites on screen. Try inserting the SA-1 Pack to increase the number of sprites on screen at once. If that still doesnt work, come back here and maybe someone else can help.
If some of the platforms look fine, but some don't, then the problem isn't that the base graphics got messed up somehow. Rushing to roll back to an older version is probably not what you want to do here. Moreover, SA-1 isn't something you can just apply willy-nilly; it needs to be done right off, which would necessitate a full porting process, possibly causing other problems. The pure number of sprites isn't the problem -- either they spawn or they don't.

The problem most likely is just the sprite header for the level. I don't remember how many tiles the platforms need off the top of my head, or what header they might need to use, but check out a vanilla level that uses them and see what sprite header it's using, and try that one.

If you *are* already using SA-1, then just make sure that you're using header 08. If not, and what I mentioned is inappropriate for some reason, another option is the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch (check the patches section), but that comes with a few caveats of its own. If you do use it, I'd recommend enabling the option to only use with one header (08 by default), and only enabling it for levels where you really need it, since it can be somewhat expensive in terms of processing time, making lag more likely.