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Overworld Colors 8-F and the Fade Effect

Hi everyone,

It seems that when colors 8-F are used for the overworld fade effect, they do not fade correctly, usually having a glitchy color appear instead of a smooth fade. Even if I make the colors in the corresponding rows 0-3 match the 4-7 row colors or make them black entirely, it still shows any all the colors 8-F turn black during the fade effect.

I am wondering if there is a way to get these colors to work like how colors 0-7?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

SMW's fade effect is programmed to only work with colors x1-x7 of palettes 4-7. You can't easily add additional colors due to the way it's actually functioning underneath the hood.

As an alternative, consider disabling SMW's default fade effect altogether. You can do so through Lunar Magic by navigating in the overworld editor's menu to Overworld -> Extra Options... and then checking the Disable event path fade effect option. This also allows you to freely use the colors and graphical space originally reserved for the effect (x1-x7 of palettes 0-3 and C-F, as well as the SP3/SP4 GFX slots).

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Thank you Thomas. I figured it was something underneath the hood as you described it.

Do you know if there is a tool that can be used to dynamically change the overworld palette depending on the player's coordinates? I have seen resources for a similar tool but it is for changing the overworld music, not the palette. Just trying to use as many colors as I can without sacrificing the fading effect.

Thanks again.