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Post your statistics. Random things about you. This way we can all get to know each other better.

Name: Internoob
Real name: Aram
Age: 14
Special languages: Armenian
Special skills: Stealing steam accounts, Getting out of IP bans, Playing video games
Worst skills: Mile run, Soft ball, decent conversations
Hobbies: Collecting hacks, Work on hack, collect games
Favorite food: KFC
Like: Food, games, family, people, girls
Hate: Noobs, annoying people, bad people, Bad games,
People you like on this site: Supermariosquiq, xgor, orbis, dotsarecool, Bored2tears, delmaru
Waiting for: Brawl, Galaxy, Christmas, School end
Favorite hacks: Odyssey, PITMK 1,2 , Demo world,

Check out my profile for awesomeness!
Name: SuperMarioSquig
Real name: Austin
Age: 14
Special languages: ..........English
Special skills: Math, Video Games, Baseball.
Worst skills: Football.
Hobbies: SMW Hacking, Nintendo, Friends/Family/Pets, Traveling.
Favorite food: Tacos, Quesadillas, Cheeseburgers, Flaming Hot Cheetos.
Like: Squigs, Making Friends.
Hate: N00bs/Spammers, Emos, School.

How bout we add a few more questions?

People you like on this site: Internoob, DarthRiko, Boing, SNN.
Waiting for: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy.
Favorite hacks: Super Demo World - TLC, Super Mario Odyssey, Marios Keytastrophe, Brutal Mario.
Real name:Fredrik
Age: 14
Born:2 january 1993
Special languages:English.....
Special skills:level design,math and music
Worst skills:drawing:(
Hobbies:Make all sorts of thing,playing
Favorite food:pizza(yum)
Like:hacking and playing
Hate:Sport nerds,MSN
People you like on this site:umm.......
Waiting for:Chrismas
Favorite hacks:Super Mario Odyssey,Mario is missing 2

Edit:added when i was born

Your layout has been removed.
Name: Orbis
Real name: Jonathan
Age: 14 (15 in 4 months)
Speacial Languages: Spanish, and barley French (still learning).
Special skills: Crafts/Drawing, Video games, and create interesting things.
Worst skills: Mile run.
Hobbies: Draw, and Work on hack (now on weekends).
Favorite food: Ceasar Salad.
Like: Games, family, and people.
Hate: Hypocrites, gangsters, emos, goths, usually preps, posers, idiots, and Alba Soceliano.

People you like on this site:...I don't know..
Waiting for: SSBB, and Super Mario Galaxy.
Favorite hacks: Super Mario Odyssey, Keytastrophe, and Super Mario Infinity series.
Name: dotsarecool
Real Name: Alex
Age: 13 (14 in 3 months)
Special languages: English
Special skills: logic, music, algebra, art
Worst skills: Physical activity
Hobbies: Pixel art, computer
Favorite food: any breakfast item
Like: Kitties and hacking
Hate: Sports and chores
People you like on this site: Anybody that doesn't flame or spam
Waiting for: Brawl, End of school, and when I move out of the house
Favorite hacks: Keytastrophe, SMWTLD, Super Mario Odyssey, and Brutal Mario
Name: Kelgis
Real name: Vinícius
Age: 12
Special languages: Portuguese
Special skills: Playing videogames, learning thing fast.
Worst skills: saying the right thing in conversations
Hobbies: playing videogames, stay in PC, beeing not bored [lol]
Favorite food: uhh... I don't know.
Like: videogames, PC, teaching someome something, and much more.
Hate: noobs that never learn, beeing ill, seeing crappy TV shows, and much more.
People you like in this site: everyone is so nice here :3
Waiting for: SSBB, LoZ: PH here in Brazil, SMG and my Wii.
Favorite hacks: SDW: TLC, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario is Missing 2.
Real Name: Brandon
Age: 13
Special languages: Gibbersish
Special skills: Gaming.
Worst skills: Physical activity, patience.
Hobbies: Gaming.
Favorite food: Buffalo wings!
Like: Whatever I feel like.
Hate: Whatever I don't feel like.
People you like on this site: Is that a trick question?
Waiting for: Upcoming Wii games, Holidays, me to give a damn about my hack idea.
Favorite hacks: Umm... the not bad ones?</div></div>
Name: freakishblob
Real name: Séamas
Age: 13
Speacial Languages: Irish?
Special skills: Video Games lol
Worst skills: errrrrrrrrrr.... wait being small?
Hobbies: Video Games, Internet, Being with friends
Favorite food: Garlic Bread
Like: Games,friends, family, internet
Hate: My Teachers, School, Idiots, N00bs etc.
People you like on this site: errrrrrrrrr......
Waiting for: Brawl, Galaxy, Metroid 3
Favorite hacks: Keytastrophe, Oddesey, er DW:TLC
Name: DarthRiko
Real name: Amanda
Age: 20
Speacial Languages: Klingon?
Special skills: Does annoying count?
Worst skills: Anything atletic, except skating
Hobbies: Video Games, computer, Internet, insulting a particular short guy I know...
Favorite food: Spegetti
Like: Lego, Bionicle, Nintendo, skating, eating, and sleeping
Hate: Pizza, Oreos, rap music, and most kinds of candy/desserts.
People you like on this site: Delmaru, S.N.N., Tatrion, boing, and a few others I can't remember.
Waiting for: Brawl, and the microwave to finish
Favorite hacks: none in particular, the list would be too long
Because you all care so much about me:

Real name: Paul
Age: 19
Special Languages: Francais, monsieur.
Special skills: Uh...
Worst skills: My art is pretty hellish
Hobbies/Life: The Internet is my life
Favorite Food: I filter feed
Likes: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Hates: Super Mario World
People I like on this site: Anyone who isn't an idiot and hasn't angered me.
Waiting for: Tomorrow
Favorite Hacks: Any hack that is featured or looks like it is going to kick ten different styles of ass.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Hates: Super Mario World

yea why would you be here if you hate smw?

Because you all care so much about me:

Real name: leon
Age: 14
Special Languages: Francais
Special skills: vidio games, reading, athletics
Worst skills: not much..
Hobbies/Life: everything is my life
Favorite Food: ramen
Likes: everything is pretty cool, but i like school
Hates: nothing
People I like on this site: everone that isnt evil
Waiting for: the universe end
Favorite Hacks: ones with good music
He hated the original. SO HE HACKS IT TO MAKE IT BETTER!

Age: 13
Special Languages: Mexican.
Special skills: putting my foot behind my head.
Hobbies/Life: SMW hacking, literature, Video games, baseball.
Favorite Food: Pizzaaaaaaaa
Likes: Life.
Hates: A little thing I like to call SISTER.
People I like on this site: -
Waiting for: Santa (I swear I'll get revenge from what you did last year...). And to get un-sick. *coughs*
Favorite Hacks: SMW minus - Utter garbage
Real name: Terence
Age: 21
Special Languages: a little Spanish
Special skills: Computer knowledge and some web designing skills
Worst skills: Drawing, Typing and posting fast enough to keep up with you guys
Hobbies/Life: Work (i actually like my job) , Internet, Word find puzzles, hacking, my girlfriend, classic video games
Favorite Food: Oreos
Likes: the Zelda series, Mickie James, snowy days
Hates: smokers, glitchy hacks, hot days
People I like on this site: a small list of 10
Waiting for: A Yoshi - The Quest for the Golden Eggs
Favorite Hacks: There are a few, but too lazy to find the names of them

Name: Boingboingsplat
Real name: Alex
Age: 14
Special languages: English...
Special skills: Spriting, Flash, being a smart-ass, ...Level design?
Worst skills: NOTHING! *shot*
Hobbies: SMW Hacking, Video Games, building things
Favorite food: Pizza of the pepperoni variety.
Like: Science, math, art.
Hate: Crappy hacks. D:
People you like on this site: A Yoshi, BLM, Chrono, Kastioga, Aiyo
Waiting for: SSBB!
Favorite hacks: Super Mario Odyssey, Game Over, Keytastrophe
Name: Reading
Real name: Telling you this would risk you not thinking of me as "Reading".
Age: 15
Special languages: Um...
Special skills: Writing, video games, basketball...hacking?
Worst skills: Most sports, talking
Hobbies: Working on anything that concerns my website
Favorite food: Popcorn XD
Like: Hobbies, weekends, learning, creating
Hate: School, the current state of the world
People you like on this site: I'm not going to pick favorites.
Waiting for: SM Galaxy, Brawl
Favorite hacks: Demo World TLC, Keytastophe
Name: Caped Mario
Real name: ????? (yep it's true I'm called ?????)
Age: 15
Special languages: French and Italian
Special Skills: Watching the telly, using Movie Maker, making Russian reversals (see my sig)
Worst Skills: Running long distances, fixing the Flash Player
Hobbies: SMW Hacking, Video Games
Favourite Food: Pizza hold the mushrooms!
Likes: Mario Forever, a nice sandy beach
Hates: Homework, crappy hacks, Adobe
People you like on the site: The list goes on...
Waiting For: My Flash Player to be fixed, Super Mario Galaxy
Favourite Hacks: Kamek's Revenge, Mario's Lost World, The Second Reality Project 2

I'm a rubberducky in the shape of a 2 ain't life grand!
Looking forward to NSMBWii, SMG2, Pokèmon HG/SS, Mario Forever 4.4 and Gran Turismo 5
Currently playing:
Mario Forever Advance, Mario Kart Wii, TSRPR
Name: TLMB
Real Name: The Lost Mario Bro
Age: It how you feel that makes your age...
Special languages: English, Arabic, TLMBic
Special skills: Turning hate into energy, Writing, Math, Creativity
Worst skills: Uh... I can't focus for that long... I found a Shiny Dime!
Hobbies: Trying to take over the (Mario) World, Hacking
Favorite food: Rice Balls, Pizza, Cookies, Honey Buns, Lasagna, Steak,
Peanut Butter, Fried Chicken, Breaded Chicken, Hamburgers, Meat Kababs,
Animal crackers, gum, spaghetti, Jammin Jelly, Whacka bumps, Chicken and wild rice soup, Cinnabons, Cinnamon bagels, Herseys cookies and cream, Little Children's Souls, Cheese, Turkey, and finally, Pizza Puffs
Likes: Nintendo, truth, and debates
Hates: I would say it, but then DarthRiko would slap me...
People I like on this site: TLMB, The Lost Mario Bro, , Davros, Pac, and
anyone who helped me out so far...
Waiting for: Death, November 2008, Summer
Favorite hacks: All of them suck

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Originally posted by ...
yea why would you be here if you hate smw?

It's called sarcasm.
Im also waiting for December 21st, 2012 to see if anything "Special" happens...
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