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Ersanio's C3 Item


Hey, I think I will be the only one who will release a document this C3.
After weeks of work:

Yes, it is nothing fancy, but hey, it is better than nothing. This should cover everything from simple loading and storing to indexing, stack, and block moves. I also added an "Useless Opcodes" chapter since I was bored. Download the document here:
Yes, there is a .doc and a .rtf, and according to smkdan there are no errors in it. I triple checked it, and neither I found errors. Yes, you are looking correct, it is 20 pages long.

This should give you enough knowledge to make custom blocks
*Downlaods repeatadly*

Wow, Thanks! I'll check this out in a mo.
yay for asm documentation!
I love you Ersan, I mean Schwa's tutorial is awesome, but having more than 1 tutorial on a topic can really help you get something down. Also, I think your's covers more. <3 (Maybe I can actually stop being lazy and do some ASM now.)
That's great! Hopefully I'm going to learn even more from ASM by reading this great tutorial! I love you Ersan (not in that way...).
I've been finding errors again (sentences that explain stuff that isn't actually true in the example codes), so I'm taking down the ASM tutorial for a bit. Expect it being up within 30 minutes.

EDIT: Back up again.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
It seems pretty thorough.
I stopped reading it at transfers (and I'm not sure If I can Apply it or not), but its a nice Doc to keep around in case I decide I won't stop reading until I understand it.
I'll look this over. Thanks a ton, man.