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[?] Custom Tweaked Sprites [?]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2008 - [?] Custom Tweaked Sprites [?]
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[?] Custom Tweaked Sprites [?]

I. Introduction

Custom tweaked sprites are a simple form of custom sprites that were inspired by a largely unused function of mikeyk's Sprite Tool - the ability to use .cfg files to create custom sprite "tweaks" of the original sprites in Super Mario World. Since a custom tweaked sprite's .cfg file is referencing the game's original coding, additional asm is unnecessary.

Many people who have worked with Super Mario World have used the tool Tweaker to alter the game's original sprites. By using only Tweaker, though, the original version of the sprite is altered. However, by using Custom Tweaked Sprites, the editor gains the ability to use both the original sprite (in its original intact form) as well as their tweaked version, since the "tweak" is itself a separate sprite, and a custom sprite.

In this way, for instance, one could have both classic Goombas and Super Mario World Goombas within a single game, without the need to insert the asm for the custom-made classic Goomba. This is just one example.

What I have tried to do in this project is make new enemies for Super Mario World projects using only tweaks of the game's existing sprites. I have tried to make enemies that seem logical and that would actually fit within the Mario universe. In some instances, I have created approximations of enemies from other Mario games. In other instances, I have created sprites that are entirely new.

My goal in creating this project was to highlight a little-used function of Sprite Tool.


II. Contents

This package contains a small sampling of the custom tweaked sprites that one can make by using just a little bit of editing and a little bit of imagination. This package currently includes:
- a set of custom tweaked sprites
- ExGFX graphics files for the custom tweaked sprites
- in-game screenshots of the custom tweaked sprites
- an IPS patch for a demo featuring the custom tweaked sprites (only patch to a clean ROM)
- this readme

II. Use

To use the custom tweaked sprites included in this package, you must insert them into your ROM using Sprite Tool. These sprites are inserted like any other custom sprite would be - just drop the .cfg file into the appropriate folder. The only difference is that these custom sprites require no ASM file, unlike most custom sprites. For more information on using Sprite Tool, read the documentation included with that tool.

IV. The Custom Tweaked Sprites

This package contains the following custom tweaked sprites:

Yoshi (Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, and Yellow Yoshi)
- Yoshis come in a variety of colors. Normally, non-green Yoshis need to be hatched and fed before they are mature and at their full power. These three colorful Yoshis are all grown up and ready to help Mario. Red Yoshi always spits out fireballs, whatever the color of the shells in its mouth. Blue Yoshi can fly for a fixed length of time, whatever the color of the shells in its mouth. Yellow Yoshi throws out sand clouds for a fixed length of time when he jumps, whatever the color of the shells in its mouth.

Baby Yoshi
- Somewhere in the land of dragons, there are three different-colored Yoshis hiding. At first, they are little kids. So, you must feed them something so they grow. If you feed them five enemies, they'll grow into a big Yoshi. These particular Yoshis are already hatched and they're ready to be fed!

- Rockos are a small stones with feet. They aren't friends of Bowser, but they aren't friends with the Mario Bros. either. Fire won't hurt them, but they can be rolled over and picked up to be used as a weapon. They don't like that.

- Micro-Paragoomba is the name given to a species of small Goombas that can fly. They attack with a wave-like pattern. One stomp will ground them for good.

- A small blue blob that bounces up and down in one spot, over and over and over. Fireballs won't hurt him.

- Paraspinies are Spinies that can fly! The only way the player can defeat them is to shoot a Fireball at them, or run into them while being invincible from a Starman.

Strollin' Stu
- Strollin' Stus are squat, pudgy creatures, somewhat similar to Goombas, that are native to Isle Delfino. They have bulbous noses, high-tucked spotted trousers, and a waddling gait.

Spiny Cheep-Cheep
- Spiny Cheep-Cheeps are blue Cheep-Cheeps with spikes running down their backs. Their spikes don't normally make them more dangerous, since Mario and Luigi can't stomp on enemies underwater anyway, but some Spiny Cheep-Cheeps like to jump out of the water.

Joe The Shark
- Joe The Shark and his pals are so hungry and mean that they will jump out of the ocean to attack Mario. Because of Joe is so muscular, Mario can't stomp on him, and fireballs do not affect him. Joe wears boxing gloves, but he doesn't seem to use them against Mario.

Bouncing Cannonball
- Cannonballs are heavy metal spheres that are normally launched from cannons at high speeds, but this kind is so anxious to be fired out of a cannon that it jumps around nervously until its turn comes.

Dry Spiny
- Dry Spinies are the skeletal remains of Spinies. The crawl along slowly and their sharp spines protect them from being crushed by stomping attacks. Unlike living Spinies, they are immune to fire attacks.

Dry Paraspiny
- Dry Paraspinies are the skeletal remains of Paraspinies. The fly along slowly and their sharp spines protect them from being crushed by stomping attacks. Unlike living Paraspinies, they are immune to fire attacks.

Chainless Chomp
- A Chainless Chomp is a Chain Chomp that is on the loose. It can be stopped unless Mario has a Starman.

- Parachomps are Chainless Chomps that have small stubby wings that allow them to bounce around and hover. They can only be stopped if Mario runs into them while invincible.

- Pogo-Thwimps are a type of Thwimp that hops up and down, up and down, over and over and over. Just like their bigger cousins, Thwomps, they cannot be destroyed, so the player has to avoid them.

V. Notes
- As in regular Super Mario World, more than one mature Yoshi cannot appear in one level at the same time. Similarly, mature Yoshis cannot appear within the same level as Baby Yoshis, so plan accordingly. As a last note of caution, more than one Baby Yoshi should not be placed in an area where a Baby Yoshi can grow to adulthood.
- As with other custom sprites, the graphics for custom tweaked sprites replaces the graphics of the game's regular sprites. This makes certain of the game's original sprites incompatible with the use of certain custom tweaked sprites.

VI. Credits
- Dispari Scuro, Kyoseron, mikeyk, smkdan, SNN
- Strollin' Stu graphics courtesy of Pooka of Mario Fan Games Galaxy.



[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Absolutely brilliant.

...And I've been wanting a Joe the Shark sprite too. =D
Awesome sprites Andy. Even though I don't see the use of some, the fact that you did it is the most important. I can't wait to use Joe the Shark. Was he from SML2? I remember seeing him in a Mario game before.Working on something!

Better than the cape!

Oh wow, amazing. These are all really cool. Out of all, the ones I liked most were:
and Joe The Shark.
Great Work!

How To Design a Good Overworld
Heh, what gets me is that some enemies are rather impervious. Spinies you can't hit with fire? Yeesh.

But still... awesome.

Wow Andy, these are all pretty cool! And I love the boingboingsplat ;p

Kawaii !!

Thanks guys! This was more of an experiment, really, but I do think there were some things here that were worth making.

The reason the Dry Spinies are immune to fire is basically just because all of the other Mario undead enemies seem to be. Plus, I just thought they made a cool undead enemy.

As for Joe The Shark, he is from SML2. There is also a vertical jumping version, but the graphics honestly blow at the moment, so I am not sure how useful that one is. :P


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Really nice work, but I found a little glitch. If I take a Baby Yoshi away from the other...

Its graphics became like this.
There's a way to fix it?
Working on Quest on Full Moon Island 2.
Update: May 5, 2016

These are cool! I'm SO going to use these in my hack!

Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.
Heh, good job once again, Andy. These are very creative, and I loved Boingboingsplat. :3

I also liked Joe The Shark a lot, I might use him in my hack afterwards. :D
Joe the Shark is awesome.

If these are cfg edits, what did you use to make me?
Probably a Ninji or a Thwimp.

Anyway, those are some awesome sprites! I didn't even know you could make custom sprites of of SMW's ones... I like Rocko and Pogo Thwimp the most. I hope I can find a use for them in my hack...

EDIT: Level 48, yay.


Boingboingsplat is my favourite tweak.

Your layout has been removed.
You have confused me! who won C3?
Any way I loved BoingBoingSplat. I guess this is the spirit of smw hacking, to discover new and awesome ideas and put them in the real game. Great job sir, great job.

*WARNING: due to cosmic radiation, Quantum fluctuations, or earth going into sector x79352C, the world may end at any moment. Have a nice day.

Current Project:


Previous project status: Failed/Quit

Current Issue

C++ : fsteam help

These are cool. And gave me an idea. I'm gonna make a micro-Thwomp/Thwomp-Thwimp. Basically just a 16x16 Thwimp that acts like a Thwomp. Whee.
Originally posted by Magimario
Really nice work, but I found a little glitch. If I take a Baby Yoshi away from the other...

Its graphics became like this.
There's a way to fix it?

Sorry - I never noticed that error! I guess that limits their usefulness a bit. :(


[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
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