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Desktop/Theme/Style Thread (Links only)

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Post your desktop here, especially if it has interesting tweaks to it. Here's mine:

My Desktop

Alcaro edit: No bumps please.
Why is KPhoenix back?
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Vampire Killer
Why is KPhoenix back?

Because he can. >_>
As well as you.
Anyway, back on the subject of desktops, here is mine:


sk26 Layout ~ V1.1

Doesn't work here, go away</a>

This thread gives me severe diarreha

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The Notice Board


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Thanks for teh spam, Shane.

Your layout has been removed.

a pic edited in photoshop by my sis
lol, suicide is stupid!

You arrange the icons the same way as I do. :P
Originally posted by darklink898
lol, suicide is stupid!

You arrange the icons the same way as I do. :P

lol nice! xD

that's my sis's "trademark" or "copyright".. not sure which one >.<
オンバット~ ♥

Now how do you make an image a link again?
Same as a link just put the images url! :D
[url<z>]url of picture here[/url<z>]


[url=url of picture here<Z>]text to display here[/url<Z>]

Bah.. beaten... That's what I get for typing out the whole thing >.>
just click on the picture >.> it was a joke

I did mean making an image the link by the way
ha, funny, you got me <_<

isn't your background cardcaptor Sakura.
Kawaii !!

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Link Thread Closed