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Super Mario Bros - Classic Remix [Latest News!]

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I love this classic feel. Ill beta test if ya want. ::Cough::PLEASE::Cough::
If you want to go all the way into the 8-Bit style, the following SNES games have some NES sounds you can replace SMW ones with for an authentic NES feel:

1. Super Mario RPG (when you go behind the curtain in Booster's Tower)
2. Wrecking Crew '98 (the original Wrecking Crew included in the game)
3. Famicom Detective Club Part II (features the FDS bios sequence, and part of the title screen is done in 8-bit)
Your layout has been removed.

I checked a fresh copy of SpriteTool (v1.35) and didn't see the 1-way shooters included. All it had were diagonal bills. Are you talking about the ones in the custom sprites list? If so, I've tried adding it and every attempt at it either crashed the game, or gave me a warning message in sprite tool... -_-

Also, I gotta fix a couple of things before any betatesting.
You should insert the one way shooters in the file "shooters" not in "sprites"

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
It was in the right folder. >_> It crashed when it loaded the sprite, when I tried making the 1-way shooters shoot custom sprites.
I think noprmal shooters can be tweaked in CFG editor to shoot only 1 way. it's extra bit 1 or something.


Just quickly back to what we were on about earlier:

To be honest, I wouldn't reccomend using this. it was my first ever ExGFX, so i didn't really get the concept.

If you do plan to use it, I will update it and make it loads better and even include sprites.

If you do use it, I'd recommend only making it a short level/world, because unlike other retro themed levels it will probably become oring.

Sorry I had a bit of a rant there. of course it's entirely up to you, I'm just sayin'
Hmmm, the extra bits didn't do anything. I'll give it a third try later on.
Originally posted by Big Al
Hmmm, the extra bits didn't do anything. I'll give it a third try later on.

Ok. Go to the sprite section and avert your eyes to the third sprite down.


Why didn't I spot that sooner?
sorry for bump but is a demo of this out/out any time soon?

It just looks really cool...
I don't really have anything new to show yet. I would say after I complete two more levels I may release a demo. I'm still in the process of fixing a couple of things, along with adding a "Challenge" level that gives you a prize at the end.
*2+ month bump... gets shot... respawned by 1UP*

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to inform you that this is still an active project. As a matter of fact, I'm just about ready to release a demo sometime this week. I'm just running some tests and fixing any bugs I find. I have completed all the levels that I wanted to up to this point before a little issue I had. It turns out that a new drive was needed...

I also have checked the updated rules regarding hack submissions and I hope that I won't have any problems getting approval. I just wanted to remind you guys one thing. In the original NES series, there was some cutoffness used. Now I don't agree with how some of it is used, but I do want to inform you that due to me pushing limits with Map16 and ExGFX, there is very little cutoffness in my hack. Here are a few examples of cutoffness in the original series.

Now by cutoffness used, I don't mean that posts are missing the top tile or half of a pipe is visible while the other half is in the wall. Or a SMB2 cloud missing an edge tile along with floating spikes. Basically any cutoffness you will see is what is shown above. Otherwise there are no other graphic glitches.

Moving on, I wanted to introduce a new standard enemy.

Steel Shyguy

It behaves like a pink shyguy staying on ledges, but it's slightly faster and immune to fireball attacks. As you see, there are some occasions where you will need to hop on an enemy to get across. Also, don't mind the time. This level has an instant exit, so the time total won't glitch up at the end.

Be on the lookout for a demo release very soon! :)

Enjoy the Super Bowl for those of you watching it!

About the cutoffness, personally I think you don't have to worry about it. As long it won't appear often, it will be fine for me and I think for all who are going to play your hack. Even featured hacks have some tiny cutoffness that the player sometimes doesn't notice.

About the steel shyguy, it sounds like an original idea and creative, even that it's easy to do that with only tweaker =P.

This hack looks really nice, great job so far! The whole cutoffness thing is ridiculous and nobody has room to complain. Your going as far as NES "glitches" to give this an authentic feeling, and that's actually good observation and effort, not laziness.
- 3+World (Cancelled - Download Available)
- Super Mario World Beta (2009)

Originally posted by Doomdragon
Secondly, in the sprite tool folder there is already a 1 way shooter. all you'd need is to modify it using the custom shooter code to enable it to shoot a custom sprite.

Or make it shoot bullet bills, and change the bullet bills with ExGFX.

The demo has been submitted!!

-Don't pick up veggie plants if there any too many enemies on the screen at once! Doing so may crash game! I have worked on cutting back on some sprites in certain areas.
-Sometimes the bloopers will swim out of the water if you're swimming at the surface. Even if I put a Mario only block above the surface as it is set not to interact with the ground.
-Hammer Bros don't throw hammers from top platform. Looking to see if I can fix this...
-SMB2 Mushroom Blocks aren't perfect. For those of you who use them know what I mean!

This hack works on both emulators. However, I would recommend using Snes9x as I have experienced less slowdown.

Also, one thing about the intro is that I have black horizontal bars blocking the top and bottom rows of the screen (Like the intro of a movie). The purpose of this is to hide the status bar completely as it isn't needed in the intro. So when Mario jumps and randomly disappears at the top... now you know why. I admit the intro is a little bland at the moment. I'm working on making improvements with it.

If you have any comments/questions/bug reports feel free to share! Enjoy!

Credits for created stuff will be given in final version.
About the veggie plants... I suggest simply not spawning the veggie sprite if there's too many sprites on the screen. It'd look odd but it's better than a game crash.
I played through much of the demo.

Overall, it's pretty good, very enjoyable and fun. I did have some critisxisms, but luckily for you I've forgotten them. :D

oh, I do remember one error: On the first underwater level there are some horrible pipe palettes.

*Edit* oh, I just scrolled up and saw that those pipes were in the original gae... Still, I don't like them but thats just me.
I think since the cutoffness was in original nes games, in should stay.
Thanks for those who tried out the demo. I'm glad to hear that many of you enjoyed it!

@doomdragon - Yeah I see what you mean about the water pipes. It looks more like a "clear" pipe to me...

Now, I would like to introduce a new type of level. It's the return of You VS Boo!

For those of you who played SMBDX know exactly where this came from. The stopwatch will be used in most of these levels along with regular levels as well. I already tested out the switch blocks from the race courses and you will most definitely see them. The only drawback is that you can't see how far Boo is behind you. So the overall level time will be used to show how far Boo is from the goal where he'll reach the goal when the time reaches zero. I don't have much to show here yet as I haven't made any racing levels yet. But I plan out releasing a few of these levels as well!

200TH POST!!


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