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File link HERE

Here is my first real attempt at game modding. I was hoping to submit it to C3 but for some reason I can't post any threads on there.

Anyways, the game was lightly influenced by old school 2d adventure games and design. This was created over the course of two months for a different contest and plan on elaborating on this in the future. So consider this Massimo Version I.

This is 3 games in one: Regular Massimo, Massimo 8Bit, and MassiBits. The latter two can be unlocked midway through the game. There's 7 areas with 25+ unique stages. Go into the game expecting something like Mario, then you'll most likely be disappointed. I tried my best at giving this game its own unique look, pacing, and set of rules. I removed a lot of the usual Mario elements, blanded the style and tried to bring out its personality in other ways.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Here's some pics:

Woah... this game has a strange feel to it. I don't know what it is, but it feels so... strange. It's got an empty feeling, like something is just going to happen at any moment...

I'm definitely looking forward to being able to play this :D
Edit: Oh, there's a download link! *clicks*

  • dude, the palettes are, really wicked! but still very cool somehow.....

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    Thanks for the comments guys! One thing I tried to put a heavy emphases on is the atmosphere, similar to games like Knytt, Metroid and other old style 2d adventure games. Let me know what you think of it! :-D

    Here's some more pics including one from MassiBits:

    Wow, the screenshots are amazing! It really does have that mysterious feeling though. Some of those GFX look pretty impressive as well.


    Access Denied. Oh wait, I'm at work... with limited access. Guess this one will have to wait till I get home.

    *eagerly waits*
    I recently updated the patch to v1.1. There was a minor bug in the last secret stage of the game that could prevent you from getting to the final ending. Just apply it to another clean SMW rom and keep the file name the same and it should work with your current save states.
    what is mario supposed to be?
    Who knows what post number this is?
    Originally posted by YoshiFan501
    what is mario supposed to be?

    Massimo, a rugged, bearded hobo who lives in a hole in the ground and got bored one day so he decided to explore the world. That's pretty much the gist of it.
    Massimo has been updated to Version 1.3. This fixes a few game breaking problems in the final levels like freezing and going into the special world color scheme when you're not supposed to. Hopefully this will be the last of the bug fixes.
    At first, I read the title "Missingno" so I thought this was a Pokemon style hack.

    But THIS is better than I thought!
    I'm downloading the hack right now. :)
    Long delayed bump. Filefront had removed my game without me knowing so I had to reupload it. For those that missed this, here is another chance to check it out. The game here is technically complete, but I'm planning on picking this back up this coming up year and turning it into the game I originally wanted it to be.

    Hope you all enjoy!

    New Massimo link HERE
    Oh...first I thought, some updates will be there, but no (I wished). But it's very nice, to get attention. I played this hack months ago, and it was somehow...fantastic. Or...just very artistic, and weird at the same time. I really love these kind of hacks, Massimo's story is just lovable and quite different from the other hacks'. And the whole world, the empty, but yet memorable mysterious. So you did an unique work, Enk, thank you.
    Oh at last, this thread is back! I couldn't find it.

    This remains in my opinion one of the greater hacks, stylistically, in SMWC. The atmosphere you make is quite impressive if I recall. I haven't played it in forever- but if you really do update I'll be first on your list.

    I realize now it's kind of comparing apples to oranges. There are a lot of hacks that are classics in my mind. Their level design is fun, etc. This is a whole different beast. What you created here was a actual world, a actual story, not just a game. I'm not sure if it even stands up as a full-fledged game, but it's still a very artistic hack that impresses always.
    This game's palettes give it a kind of lonely, empty, almost creepy feeling, sort of like what you see in Yume Nikki. The dark cave area in particular looks a lot like something out of Eversion. Maybe it's just the red-eyed Ninjis, I don't know.
    "Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

    Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
    It's funny, I was just thinking about this hack yesterday. The pallets that you have really help make it a unique and interesting environment. I'm glad to here you'll be picking it up again!

    Wow, looks really nice from the screenies...

    ... except the IPS for Massimo isn't working. At least for me. After patching, it still thinks the game is the original SMW. Maybe it's the emulator? Or just me?

    ... anyways, I did play the "Mario's Mini Adventure" hack included, which was very eerie and creative, although the forked roads and looping level pissed me off :/
    Your layout has been removed.
    Originally posted by Spud Alpha
    the IPS for Massimo isn't working

    This is pretty much my story.

    Even though I didn't get to play that hack, I must say that it looks dark and gloomy.

    I played Mario's Mini Adventure, wondering what the "something" that was happening. The lack of information gripped me and wanted me to progress further.
    I ended in the burning forest.


    Sorry everyone. Could've sworn it worked when I tested it a while back. Might've gotten mixed up somehow. Anyways here is a new link which should work. Let me know if there's anymore problems.

    Newest Massimo link HERE
    This is one of the deepest and most odd hacks I've played.
    When I started, I had no idea what was going on.
    I felt like I was on a quest with no goal.
    This hack has a great atmosphere, almost depressing.
    I loved the choice of music, they perfectly set the tone of the levels.
    But.. Now I want to know what happens to the little hobo guy D:
    Yes, the empty, natural landscape and ambience is really nice.
    Some levels have no music at all, which is great.
    The cryptic messages of the dead are all interesting, albeit confusing.
    It almost feels as if you are the last living human on earth, an illeterate, scrawny, hopeless hobo. I hope he succeeds in whatever he's trying to do.
    But, I seriously have no idea how to pass 'Forest Entrance' or 'Entry to Your End".
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