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Luigi and the power scepters (looking for supporters)


Hi everyone as you know my hacks "luigi and the power scepters"(working title) is progressing very slow due to complications of the hack. I was thinking of changing it into a "team hack". I would like other people to help me finish this hack, and dont worry they will be given

What it is: Since I as like 5 yrs old, SMB3 has been my favorite mario game in history and I am trying to make a smb3 style hack.

Graphics by PAC


Also does anyone know how to make a banner?
Like the hacks supporter ones?

EDIT: For supporters of this hack, here is your banner:
Oh... it looks really cool! The only thing that really bugs me is the palette of the Layer 3 BG in the 4th screenshot... it looks weird. Maybe you could make it grey instead of orange and light green. Other than that, really good job, I'm looking forward to seeing more from this. :D
I could make some custom blocks and levels, if you want!

Here you can make a userbar:

EDIT: There are errors so you can use this one:

The only bad thing I see is the pallette in the screenie 4. Orange and green doesn't fit here.
Your layout has been removed.
Well ya see that that 4th screen was just made this morning so I havent tested it till I took the screenshot but its fixed now.

And superyoshi:

That would be great if you made levels and custom blocks. Your hired!

And thanx for the banner thing too. ^-^
The hack is good, but the Castle Layer 3 haves wrong pallete, and the Panser don't fits in water levels.
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

As I said the pallets are fixed now. If you think the panser does not go well then I will replace it with something else.
Is it me or are you using Pac's SMB:TLL remake as a base?

If not, good job, keep up the good work, yadda yadda yadda.

Otherwise, you'll probably want to start from scratch with a clean rom.

EDIT: Well, OK, it looks like you are using Pac's hack as a base. So I would recommend that you start from scratch with a clean rom.
Nope I started with a clean rom then after months of practicing lunar magic I began making this hack and "then" I added Pacs GFX.
(with his permission of course)

BTW, Is there anyone who can insert Screen scrolling pipes into my hack?
Im desperate. I have tried everything and they always come out wrong.
is coming soon januray 2009 by gabriel
I don't know but you can be sure it wont be out till after spring If I can get the support from other members.
I can insert the pipes for you if u want,just send me an ips patch or a copy of the rom.
Visit my youtube channel!
And visit my hack thread!- If you wanna beta test, help me with levels or overworld, or anything you want with my hack, dont doubt to PM me!

BTW are you interested in supporting this hack ?