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The morning's ban spree

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OH HOLY SH**. Why Boom did not limited the username characters?! *angry face*

someone crack the ban hammer on our 49 digit friend,its screwing the site up

There is no hope.I think they use a proxy.
[pedantic]I said 47 words not 49 digits[/pedantic]! Nobody online now is able to crack the ban hammer or launch a banvil missile at it. Boom stopped us from creating accounts so it's just going to stay for now.
I'm a rubberducky in the shape of a 2 ain't life grand!
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so they cant be banned?!?!?!?!

They can ban it, but it'll use proxies to come back...

Thank god my monitor is huge. Just one resolution down and the tables are streched.

*angel's voices* thanks boom!!!
Guys, this thread is getting very offtopic.

BTW, it only stretches the top table, I don't see the big deal...
BOOM TO THE RESCUE! This time was fast.
They are to scared to Re-Reg while Boom is on.
Just to point it out, I created this *1* new account because my other username looked real bad. >_>

Originally posted by Bomb-omb
Just to point it out, I created this *1* new account because my other username looked real bad. >_>

z0mg, you realise you can ask mods to change your name?

Your layout has been removed.
Oh, didn't know that.

You could have asked.
I knew all "table fixers" would get some kind of disipline. Not being naggy or rude, though. I'm just saying, Boom's right. <_<

Originally posted by
EDIT: Furthermore, I will be giving moderators the power to nuke usernames and make temporary bans.

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