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need help

ok want to do some new block (with the pallete)but what y do?

I go to 8x8 editor but when y paint something it dont work
please help
What? Rephrase in English, please.

I think you mean "how do you make your own block graphics?"

Go into YY-CHR and draw something up. Then insert it into your hack.

go to the 8x8 editor, and you'll find it.

Go to the 16x16 editor, and right click a 4x4 blue tile. Change the 8x8 definitions to the same ones as your new block that's in the 8x8 editor.

(I don't know what you want your block to act like, but 130 is a cement block)
yy-chr what is it??

I just want to change color of object.
Originally posted by cloudyboy
yy-chr what is it??

I just want to change color of object.

YY-CHR is a graphics editor/designer program.

Oh, to change a palette, go to the 16x16 editor, find your object, click it, then change the palette, and right click it onto a 4x4 blue tile. Then, press f9.

For sprites, use Sprite Paint.
yy-chr is a tile editor you use it to edit or create graphics.

If you just want to change the color of objects, then open the palette editor (the star button at top) and find out which palette refers to your object then change it.

Also make sure you have custom palette checked or your changes won't save.

Edit: Darn too slow!
thanks snifit but y talk about one object

like coin block
Go to the 16x16 editor, find the coin block. Click it. Now, you'll have the option to change it's 16x16 attributes. You'll find that the coin block will say something like "use palette 6". Change it to whatever, you'll have 8 options of palette.

Using the star thing is complicated for just one block, and can screw things up.
so for edit color of pallete (Like sonic one )I will need yy-chr??

but thank for the other trick!

it work but when I click on other thing y lost my data for modify my block!

yy-chr doesn't have much to do with palettes (I think. I may be wrong.) You use the level palette (the star) for ExGFX or GFX palettes, then export the palette to your computer.

About Map16 Editor: After modification right click on a 4x4 blue tile, and press f9 to save your data.
it work for the 16 editors