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Helpful Diagrams

Originally posted by JackTheSpades
Also, I guess the BVC/BVS is sorta smart but hard to get... took me a few minutes.

Should I remove the arrows for BVC and BVS then?
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
I think its useful, and its at the bottom anyways.
Turns out I could've used BVC and BVS in the past (for a boss' graphics routine mostly), but never having heard of them before was in the way.
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If we shouldn't use LunarMagic's Gradient tool, then what do we use?
manual color picker

gradient thingy is fine for things, just don't abuse it
I'm with Ladida here. HSV gradients look so much nicer than RGB gradients.
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HSV and HSL are different.
Full luminance means white.
Full value means color.
Relevant wiki.
The saturation is different too. In HSL low saturation is grey while it's white in HSV.
Whichever one you use depends on your preference.
Originally posted by Ladida
manual color picker

gradient thingy is fine for things, just don't abuse it

I don't see how it's bad, it makes better gradients than the others.
...did you even read what was written on Torchkas' image?
Read it, the answer is in it.
I said that it makes better gradients than the others...
Than the others? What others?
The true colorspace winner is HCL by the way, not your silly little HSLs.

There's even a few gradient tools for that out there, but I have yet to fully figure out how to work any of them properly.
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What's the difference between HCL and HSL? From that description and the definition of chroma, they sound exactly the same to me....


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Basically, when the saturation and luminance are constant, some colours still appear darker/lighter. It shouldn't be the case when using chroma instead of saturation.
The problem with doing a gradient in a color space like HSL is that if the 2 colors are very different in hue, you end up running through several colors between them. Such as in the picture from Torchkas, where to get from green to pink he's gone through yellow, orange, and red.

Which is fine if you like rainbows, but not so fine if you just wanted a gradient between 2 colors only.
Are you sure your gamma settings are alright though? It seems like Lunar Magic's color ramps are still way more screwed than they should be.

For example. When you make a ramp from full red to full green, you should get yellow in the middle.
Instead, Lunar Magic gives you #7f7f00.

I think this discusses it on a technical level, I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Probably because LM just does a simple gradient math like gradient[n] = color1 + (color2 - color1)*n/steps for each RGB component. Maybe the best option is simply let the use pick how they want to each component get faded: either by RGB values or HSL/HSV values. I'm not going into HSL/HSV/HCL differences, I don't think they're important enough for fading a 15-bit palette.

Alternatively, if it's really required, just make a tool that generates gradients from whatever mode you want. The .pal or .mw3 file format is easy enough to use.
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Originally posted by Torchkas
For example. When you make a ramp from full red to full green, you should get yellow in the middle.

If you want yellow in the middle, that's what HSL is for.

I'd suggest playing around in something like this for comparison.
The music diagram about the note lengths is confusing on the bottom center of the image, what's up with the multiple columns? Isn't that pointless, the higher the number, the shorter the length (so length 16 is 1/16 if it)
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.