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Is there a custom block that...

Is there a custom block that will only allow you to go to a certain level number or activate a certain event when you have touched/activated/collected a certain number of them? For example, if I want the player to be able to access level 134 only after collecting 25 of these blocks. The player may then only be able to access level 135, the next stage on the map, after collecting 30, and only be able to access level 136 after collecting 35. (Obviously, the creator would have to design it so the block could only be activated once.) Is there a custom block--preferably not a custom sprite or patch, because I still don't know how to insert those and get them to work--out there that does this?


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
You cannot create blocks that only exits once and then are gone forever. You'd have to modify the code for one of the standard objects (like Yoshi coins) to accomplish that. This is why there are no reverse switch palace blocks, because the map16 tiles can't be changed via Custom Block ASM. It is however, possible to create a block that won't do anything once collected earlier, but will still exist in the level.
And to the degree of customization you want it, you'd have to fins someone very generous to simply make it for you.

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and besdies. Doeing that would be very hard.
Yes, it's possible to do that. Shouldn't be worse than using Objectool and some ASM.
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