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File Descriptions: Calling on YOU!
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It has been brought to my attention recently that some of the descriptions (to be reasonable, a good chunk) of ExGFX files, sprites, custom blocks, etc. are pretty outdated, and/or poorly described. I have a little proposition.

Take a look at the Custom Music section, for example. I implemented the idea of "Song Info" links since there is quite a bit that should be known about each song, and it seemed to work quite well. My ultimate goal would be to see each of the other major sections (Patches, Custom Blocks, Custom Sprites, ExGFX, Tools) filled with similar descriptions. Obviously, this project would be a gigantic one.

If any of you are interested in helping, then feel free to write up a TXT file with information! While the name and author and such are given, Here is what would be useful. (each section is listed separately.

-Name of Patch: name the patch
-IPS, or Xkas?: is it an IPS patch done through lunar IPS, or an ASM file inserted with Xkas?
-Author: author's name here
-Brief, but detailed description.

-Name of Block: name the block
-Author: author's name here
-Compatible with BlockTool?: compatible with Jonwil's (old) blocktool? Yes or no.
-Compatible with BlockTool Super Deluxe?: compatible with smkdan's (new) Blocktool
-Offsets: What offsets do you enter into Blocktool (up, down, sides, sprite up, fireball, cape, reloc)
-Acts like: note which block it should act like when inserting (i.e. block 130). If there is more than one block, list each.
-Brief, but detailed description.

-Name of Sprite: name the sprite
-Author: author's name here
-Generator?: insert it as a generator, or as a normal sprite
-Extra Bit Used?: does it use the extra bit when inserting
-Sprite Graphics File?: Either SP1, SP2, SP3, or SP4 should be written here, depending on which it uses within SMW.
-Brief, but detailed description.

-Name of ExGFX: name the ExGFX
-Foreground, Background, or Sprite?: is it FG, BG, or Sprite? You can list more than one here.
-Author: ripper/creator's name here.
-Custom or Rip?: is it custom, or a rip? If it's a rip, list the game also.
-Slots Used?: list which slots it uses within Lunar Magic (FG1, FG2, FG3, or BG1
-Palette: note which palette(s) are used. You should also note if it overwrites the status bar.
-Brief, but detailed description.

-Name of Tool: name the tool
-Author: author's name here. Some are unknown, so write "Unknown" if you don't know.
-Brief, but detailed description: this one should note all of the functions of the tool. If it is to be used on a ROM, it should also note the ROM size required, and whether the ROM must be clean or not.

You're also welcome to help with music, too. Just base your TXT file off one of the ones currently there.

Note that they all share one key thing in common - the DESCRIPTION. This should describe exactly what said file does.

Here is a small example of what I am looking for in your TXT. I'll use a block.

Name of Block: Pass Through Block
Author: S.N.N.
Compatible with BlockTool?: No
Compatible with BlockTool Super Deluxe?: Yes
-Below: -1
-Above: -1
-Sides: 0
-Sprite UD/Vertical: -1
-Sprite LD/Horizontal: -1
-Fireball: -1
-Cape: -1
-Reloc: -1
-Acts like: Map16 Block 25
-Brief, but detailed description:
This block will allow you to pass through if you are Big Mario. If you are not, then it will act like a solid wall.

It will obviously vary depending on the file.

While most of the info is already listed on the file, a lot of it is outdated, and poorly documented in general. Now is your chance to work together and fully enhance the information of the site! I'll be doing my part, and so will other staff - would you like to help?

Even one TXT file is a help to us. Once you have it written up, send it to my email at [email protected], or send me a private message. At that time, I will host it and update the link.

EDIT: If you'd like, you can also include "TXT Created by: (yourname)" at the bottom of the TXT.

Thanks everyone.

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I'm going to look into this...
When we get done with it, where do you want us to submit it?
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Once you have it written up, send it to my email at [email protected], or send me a private message. At that time, I will host it and update the link.
*Smacks my forehead*
Okay, I'm going to work on a few.
I'm happy to help you out, S.N.N. :)

*Starts working*
This is a good idea. A lot of times I have trouble figuring out whether to insert a sprite as a generator or a normal sprite. I also have trouble with Blocktool offsets. I'll definitely get to work on this!
For a long time, I've been interested in the ultimate goal of getting info for all the custom music at least. It's something I intend to keep working on! :)
I'll contribute. This is a good idea, especially because some descriptions fail to do their job of describing what they're supposed to (which is quite annoying). I actually already have a few TXTs made. :O

Your layout has been removed.
I'd like to thank everyone who has sent stuff in so far. We're already up to about 30-35 (at my last count, but it's late and I'm too lazy to check my email) which is excellent.
I will contribute as well.
I shouldn't flood your email, though,so if I have a set I'll seperate them.
Shouldn't offsets and acts like settings for blocks only be put in the description if it isn't already in the readme?
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Shouldn't offsets and acts like settings for blocks only be put in the description if it isn't already in the readme?

I'd actually like it in there regardless. Even if you copy it directly from the Read Me, that's fine too - I just want an organized compilation of data that is the same for every file.
I already sent in mine for my ExGFX, but will we need to make one for hacks later too?
I made 7 and sent them in. I might do more later, if I spot something wrong.
I'll do some. I'll get edit1754's DKC BG's to start out with. :P

<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
Also, I'll be checking my email once every 24-48 hours or so. So if you have emailed descriptions, and don't see them up right away, please wait a while and they will be there.

Thanks again everyone. Keep them coming.
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