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When did you first get into gaming?

As I have suggested in a few of my posts, I have introduced myself as a boy who is really into Mario. But has everybody gotten into gaming by Mario? Some of the older crowd got into it by Atari or the Intellivision(only 10 dollars for 10 games and a controller(batteries not included) at Walgreen's::shameless plug::). Some people might even remember playing on a few games all the way back on sophisticated computers in colleges.

I guess you can say that I have been into it all of my life. Even before I owned my first game(Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt) and my first system(The NES) I used to play games at many people's houses. I would play The Legend of Zelda and Marble Madness(I think that was the name) at a babysitter's house. It indeed filled me up.

But I remember going into a shopping mall and around all of those stocked TVs were the new NES's. My dad bought one and it came with SMB I/Duck Hunt and brought it home. I really, really enjoyed both games(Especially Duck Hunt with the zapper or whatever that red and white gun was). I also can recall trying to learn how to swim in the first water level in SMB I, and afterwards always associating the number 2 for water.

After getting SMB I/Duck Hunt I would also go to Blockbuster to rent games. I would basically rent them based on screenshots and box art(sort of how I choose games nowadays) and I remember playing SMBII. That was the first time I consulted a strategy guide because I didn't know how to beat the first Birdo. I slowly went through every Mario game I could find.

Sure that is just a little enhancement of one of my other posts, but I am also sure that there are little stories like this one in your lives. It is storytelling time.
I am not a hacker by trade, I am an observer and I can be very observant. I tend to lurk around here to prolong the good experience of playing the original SMW. Whatever can add onto it is something that I will definitely do when I am bored which is often. And I will rarely post and give praise when needed to the hacks that may make me interested to relive memories.

My worst enemy in Mario isn't Bowser but my controller that keeps on getting disconnected from the inside. Might be my memory count.
i started with sega and sonic. but i cant rent games anymore. had a game overdue for 1 day and they charged us extra money and we never paid so we cant go there without paying 20 more dollars
Just back here to browse a bit.
Well, I came on the gaming scene during the N64 era. The first game I ever saw was Super Mario 64. It still is my favorite game to this day! The first time I really played 2D mario was in SMA4 or SMB3, which got me interested in old school gaming, which still owns all other gaming!
I first played Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was 3 years old. XD

Ever since then, I've loved video games. :P
Originally known as A Yoshi (2006-2009), Aquifer (2010-2011), and Azurik (2012-2014).
I dunno... I guess that when I was 3, my paternal grandparents bought me a SNES... but I busted it by inserting a nickle into the air in-take or something... I had Super Mario World, some Mickey Mouse game and a soccer game I didn't even care about.

Afterwards, I got a N64, with SM64 included... then I got ANOTHER N46, it was a Pikachu version of some sort, blue and with a Pokeball as the power switch and Pikachu's foot as reset, both still works, I only have (Or had...) Diddy Kong racing, Yoshi's Story, Super Mario 64, Mario Party 3, Paper Mario, Pokemon Stadium 1&2 and... Hey You Pikachu! I loved all those games...

I had a GBC after, I only had one game, and it was Pokemon Blue, my brother had another GBC and Pokemon Red, then he bought Yellow.

Then we sold out GBCs to get a GBAs much better... but then I sold my GBA to get a GBA SP, my brother started to not like Video Games, just Zelda and Pokemon games.

After getting bored of Mario And Luigi: SS and Wario Ware Twisted! I got a NDS for my birthday but a year later, my dumb sister drabbed it while I was in school and... broke it; the top screen does not work, just goes completly purple or doesn't show anything al all and she lost the only 3 games I had, I found Mario And Luigi 2 a month later.
But Nintendogs and SM64DS are still lost. T_T

Then we got a GameCube in chistmas, with Super Mario Sunshine and Smash Bros. Melee. but bad luck came and 3 out of 4 controllers got busted, one had a broken Z button, another had a problem with the Control stick, the charecter moved by itself, then another one had a broken R button, which is bad one Mario Kart Doiuble Dash and Paper Mario 2.

5 Years later, we I got a Wii and here I am... with a Wii... and It's getting kinda bored, I need a new game. :O
I might get a VC one... I just need to pay my dad the last 1000 Wii points I used from his credit card without permission.

My dumb sister that ka-chowed my DS now has a DS lite with YI:DS and some bratz game, now that I played it, YI:DS sucked. D:
So that's a brief story about my Gaming Life... not sure about the insert coin part...
Originally posted by A Yoshi
I first played Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was 3 years old. XD

Ever since then, I've loved video games. :P

so you've been playing since 3 too? we got something in common. as most other people around my age, i too started with mario. but i've been told i used to play, then someone would call my name, i'd look the other way and still be playing (good too!!!!). i cant do that now.

I started when I was about three. My first system was the Sega Master System. I can't remember what my first game was. It could have been Wonder Boy, or Alex Kidd, or something like that.
I got into gaming with Mario (of Course) and it happened when my big bro brought a peculiar box with the words SNES written on it...
BLM, just wait next week until Metroid Prime 3 comes out! I have a feeling you'll be playing your Wii a lot more.

Anyway, when I was 5, I was in the car with my dad, coming back from the grocery store. He told me that he had a surprise back at home.

When we arrived, he presented me with a PSX, along with 3 games: Bubsy 3-D, (completely awful) Spot Goes to Hollywood, (meh) and Crash Bandicoot. (the only good one)

Needless to say, my dad got bored of the first two pretty quickly. (I still have them both) and moved on to Crash. Every night when he would come back from work, I would watch him play Crash. One time, I even gave him a paper jigsaw puzzle for finishing one of the islands.

And my dad got Crash Bandicoot 2 as soon as it came out. Again, I watched him play for quite some time. Then, he set down his controller down in the middle of the fourth warp room, and told me that I could give it a try if I wanted.

So I started moving Crash around (this was the first time I ever played a video game) and really, really enjoyed it. When my dad came back, I asked him if I could create my own file.

And so I did. Of course, I didn't start out very good, but I gradually improved until I beat the game, before my dad even did!

I got an N64 for my birthday one year, with Mario Party 2, and began to play it. I really liked it, and became more interested in Mario. My dad showed me his SNES with Super Mario World, and let me play, and I was hooked. I bought a lot more N64 games (mostly Mario) and kept playing.

Since then, I've become a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and really love to play games. Kids at school, with their Halos and Dooms, that's nothing compared to good old Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, etc.
i got a snes at the age of 3 or 4 with super mario world and killer instinct
I got into gaming when I was about 4. At the time, my dad and my sister played games once in awhile so I usually played with them. My first game was SMB but I didn't play it too much because the NES we had didn't work that well by the time I got into video games.

I played SNES a lot during my early years. I only owned 3 games for it which were Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and Super Mario All-Stars. I played many other games for the SNES like the 3 DKC games and SMRPG but we had to rent it instead. Games back then were more expensive than they are right now.
Originally posted by fabio
Games back then were more expensive than they are right now.

n64 games were like 70-80 dollars due to the cartridges they were more expensive to make
I started when I was 4 years old, I played smb Delux. I got hooked ever since then. When I got games it was lke 40$ for n64 games, but that's becasue I live in canada.
I got into it when I was around 4 years old, and got my own SNES 5 years old. It was a wonderful moment. It contained: SMW. Later, when N64 was released, my mom told me to sell the SNES so I could by a N64 and don't use so much of my own money... I did so... A sad thing. But atleast I got the N64! With SM64. I played all the day until I got 120 stars... Then I decided to buy some other games...
I first got into gaming at the age of 4. My grandma bought me and my sister an NES and a bunch of games at a garage sale. Once we started playing we were hooked. There was SMB, Duck Hunt, SMB3, Kid Icarus, Metroid, and other classics in the basket of games as well. When I was young I couldn't beat basically any of the games, (except Kirby's Adventure) but I still played them all the time.

Sometime down the road my grandma got us a Super Nintendo, and we loved that as well. Of course with us still being little kids we had no idea what games were good and which weren't, but thankfully we still played some really awsome games like Yoshi's Island, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and the DKC series.

Then my sister stayed with my grandma and I stayed with my mom when my mom moved out of state. The NES stayed mine and the SNES was hers. Then the N64 came out and I got that as soon as I could. However the following day when I got back from school my NES was missing. It turned out that because I got my N64 my mom decided to get rid of my NES just because you had to blow in it to get it to work. The basket of games was up to at least 50 games too. I still hold some resentment toward my mom for doing that. (although not a large amount of)
I first played Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros at age 2.

Beat that.
My dad bought a SNES in 1991 (Of course the release date of the console >_>).
I saw my dad play Super Mario World when is was 3.
I didn't really played the game because I became really scared when the keyhole enlarges in one of the levels.
My first game I played was Donkey Kong Country 2; Diddy Kong's Quest.
I really like the game (except the dying music).
Later I played Super Mario World, I didn't get good at it.
In later years, I gained experience from playing the game constantly and became a professional.

I beat the game in 43 min. :P
I started off with my beloved Sega Genesis.

The first game I played was PROBABLY Sonic 2.

I really don't remember though...

I remember me playing that game more than any other of my Sega games.

But I was on that thing ALL of the time as a kid @[email protected]

Playing Batman, and Mickey Mouse.

I was a hardcore gamer!

Then my dad bought a nintendo64.

That was fun... I guess.

We only played Super Mario 64 though =/

But I had always wanted one, even after he sold his for a PS1.

SO later I bought one myself and got Starfox, Mario, Donkey Kong, Banjo Kazooie, and I WANTED to get Mario Kart but Noooooo >_>

So after having my ps1 for about 5 years I had seriously over 100 games for it XD

In that time period I also had a game-boy color.

Afterawhile we bought the DreamCast.

That was a LOT of fun...

But there were hardly any games for it...

And we hardly bought any.

The only game I'd ever play on that system again would be Sonic Adventure, but who would do that when you can play a better graphics version for the gamecube?

So yeah, after that we got a PS2.

Then a GameCube.

Then an Xbox.

Then a GameBoy Advance.

Then a Gameboy Advance SP.

Then a DS.

Then a Wii.

Then an xbox360.

And curently I don't have a PS3 or a n64. (BREAKAGE)

I also grew up playing this ONE game for the atari that my dad had from when he was a kid.

It's one of my favorite games of all time still >_>

But his Atari broke V___V

I think in about 1993, we got an SNES for Christmas, with about 15 games in it, like SMW, and LoZ: ALttP, and a few sports games and some based on shows like Tiny Toons. SMW was easily the household favorite, and everyone in the house played it.

Periodically, we would rent a few games, and I remember watching my brother play FF4 and Chrono Trigger (both were rented) and tried them for myself. I was like 5 when I played CT, and remember getting stuck in 1000 AD after you come back from 600, but I was 5 at the time. XD We bought SMRPG and Yoshi's Island when they came out, and they became more household favorite.

I introduced my parents to Kirby Super Star, and that became another game we played all the time (but my sister didn't like it...) Kirby became my favorite Nintendo mascot after I played Kirby 64 (my first Kirby game) simply because - how can you hate a pink, smiling blob that flies around and eats people, all the while being an adorable little creature? <(-^_^-)>

When the Pokémon craze was big, I got a Game Boy Pocket with Blue version. I still play the games periodically, but never got a DS to play D/P. I stopped at Sapphire version. My G/S/C's were shiny magnets, but I never found a single one in Sapphire.

We also had a Genesis (I don't remember when), an N64 (in '96) and a PS1 ('97) with FF7. We had lots of Sonic, a few miscellaneous platformers, and Warsong - a really fun strategy game (it was called Langrisser 1 in Japan.) FFT was also a great game.

I got into World of Warcraft, played for about 1 1/2 years, had a level 60 warlock, but I quit after the expansion hit. Aah, the funniest thing was that alliance PUG's raided MC more skillfully than my old horde raiding guild. (No, I played on a PvP server, but I transferred my old 60 to play with friends on alliance. It's frustrating to level on a PvP server sometimes, but in the end, more fun than PvE.)

The newest system we have is a PS2... we MIGHT get a 360 for my sister, because she wants to play Call of Duty with her friends.

The Genesis controllers ceased to work in 2001, and only a year after we got a copy of FF4 (in 2005), the SNES wouldn't run any game past the title screen, except DKC, but it froze after you begin scrolling in a level. But there's always emulation!

Der Langrisser, however, is my favorite game, and I was very happy when the English translation came out. (Still learning Japanese at my own pace. Our school doesn't offer a class for it.) Kanji is hard to read, because I only know hiragana and katakana, and very few kanji symbols. D:

Needless to say, RPG's, strategy games, and platformers are my favorite. Driving games are okay, too. However, I can't bring myself to play first-person shooters, because it makes me feel guilty for some reason, although I know it's not real.

tl;dr version: It all started with an SNES. I've been playing games since I was 2, and they've always been a relaxing pasttime.

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