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Quick Hex Question

I don't know if Advanced SMW hacking is the place to put this...

Anyways, I was searching through this sites ROM map to find some codes based off of the jumping routines.

054BD - Jump height while still
054C7 and 054C9 - Jump height while running fast

But strangely enough, I can't find anything related to the jump height while walking and/or slower running (Before Mario starts running with his arms out). I've searched through it a couple of times, and decided it isn't there...

So my question is, what Hex number would I have to change to mess with Mario's jump height while walking and running (slowly)?

I couldn't find it either a while ago, so I think that's one of the many offsets that still needs to be found.
But there's a patch that changes all the jumpheight to a certain number, but still keeps the right relation between the diffrent heights.

(the only thing that doesn't change, is the height you bounce from an enemy)
I was able to find the slow running at 54C5 (Yay! another code for the hex list!) but not the walking. I guess I'll just need the patch instead.
Thanks Dutch Luigi!