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If you were in a video game,what will you do?

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:)Hi.I added this comment cause im making my first hack YOSHI ISLAND 3. Its normal with ICEGOOM's yoshi Gfx(SMW Redrawn).You change in some levels.Anyway, my hack made think of this question...
I would use my evil and dark powers to take over the world XD Seriously, I'd be a MAJOR villian, only I wouldn't be stupid like the rest of them villians, I would RULE! ^~^
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I'd be a bag who just sits their pretty much the whole game. But once the main character finally gets to my lair out of me would come some sort of awsome-jawsome beast! final boss!!
If I was in a video game, I would try to learn the coolest moves ever and beat everyone in the land, good or evil :DWorking on something!

Better than the cape!

I would ask for Maui Mallard for an ninja training, and beat Bowser with really high skilled staff moves...
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

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I'd be the random NPC in an RPG that does absolutely nothing except walk around in circles and spread rumors about the protagonist. :P

Also, moving this to WOI since this thread isn't as serious as most of the threads in Talk.
I'll be a super villain, wating for the hero to get to me, but unlyke must stupid final bosses, that are for times more stupids than some of the stages/enemies "couthBowsercouth", I'll kick his ass, and will be even harder than Sephirot from Kingdom Hearts 2.Preferably , I'll be in some Megaman style game, and will be so hard as The bosses from Muchihimesama, in ultimate mode.MWAWHWAHWHAHWAHWHAHW
My SMW hack Thread

Mario The Seasons Chaos

I would be a boss with a laser cannon mounted on my chest and machine gun arms and rocket legs that would let me fly around and giant metal wings on my back and a sniper rifle mounted on my shoulder and eyes that glow and...

That's all I can think of for now.
I would be the first boss/mini boss that spams rapid fire comments with the word "poopy" and has pure red eyes with a plain white T shirt with a Chinese mark, I will have a staff to reflect fire and the only way to kill me is to alert the moderators above me.
I'd be the super awesome minor antagonist that everyone loves.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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I'd be a Necromancer. To avoid death at the hands of the protagonist, I wouldn't be the main antagonist, but rather his right-hand man, that way... when I teleport away before death, they would have higher priorities than killing me.
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I'd be everything, except myself. I can do anything, except breathe.
Be a kamikaze guy, cuz face it - What can a GuYoNfIr3 do?! You only have a few seconds before you end up as ashes
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I'd be a dead glitchy fish stuck on mid air in some RPG game.
If I'd be a superhero in a game, I'd destroy all of evil then. ^^
Or I'd be Mario, I'd stay at home rather and I'd sleep, since let me save the Princess.
I would cheat in it and hack it... Making me invincible... Never die.
- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
My glitch would start causing an error. More glitchy fishes will appear all over the game.
Viarra would be the main character. She'd be tasked with some quest and reluctantly be pulled into it, where she'd meet people fight enemies yadda yadda yadda. Oh and she controls fire. There's the gameplay element right there. Total control over fire. And of course, Manaphy (Tatrion) would make plenty of appearances, if not accompany her on said journey.

Damn now I want that game to be real. :(
I would be a shopkeeper of my personal store, and be a Flopping CheapCheap. Yes, Cheap. My name is so cheap it causes discount on my items, and I sell weapons grade plutonium.
Originally posted by im a xmas music
discount on my items, and I sell weapons grade plutonium.

Oh I want in on some of that action. Can I be the super awesome minor PROtagonist that everyone loves instead?
fuck yeah meowingtons
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