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SMW Central 2.0 Feature Suggestions
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Edit: Don't let the limits of the current system block your thoughts. If you have any ideas, no matter how wild, just throw them out there. Also, this is no discussion thread, just a request thread. I will not confirm which features will be implemented and which won't, but just know that posting here is no guarantee that the feature(s) will be in the new system.
I can think of quite a few suggestions, though I think they've all been made by someone before... Anyway.

- The possibility to mark threads, and get a PM from System whenever someone has posted in that thread.
- Comment on/rate ExGFX, Custom Music, Tools etc.
- Comment on other members' profiles (Maybe this would be nice for messages like "Hey, your avatar is cool!", "Happy Birthday!", "Welcome to the site!" or something like that.)
- Block certain people's layouts

That's all I can think of right now.


I was thinking of a section in each users' profile called "Rating" - I've seen something similar to what I'm suggesting in The Spriters Resource board. Well, in this small section, you'll rate an user and next explain, by posting a small comment, why he/she deserved to be rated like that.

Oh, and by the way, I found WYE's ideas really creative and nice - it would be cool if we had the abilities of commenting on ExGFX/Tools/Custom Music/etc, just like in MFGG. :3
The ability to view which users rated a hack a certain number, to help eliminate spammers who 0 hacks for no reason.

It would be nice if users had the option of including a "minipic" next to their usernames.

Threads with polls would be a nice feature as well, though it isn't really necessary. I would agree with some of the ideas already posted, like user ratings and the ability to comment on other submissions.
Originally posted by Brrrrrrzer
it would be cool if we had the abilities of commenting on ExGFX/Tools/Custom Music/etc, just like in MFGG. :3

Indeed, I've thought of that for a very long time.

I would also be cool with a search feature, but I don't have any need for that at all, just something that would be cool.

Show the server time somewhere so you could see what the server time is anytime.
An player so you can listen on the custom songs before downloading them.
There should be a "Preview layout" or "Preview profile" button. (Thanks to UltimateYoshiMater for reminding me of that...)


A search bar would be great, so that before posting a question you could search the forums to see that it wasn't answered earlier.

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The ability to flag or report posts and a auto password recovery system
One word: Smileys. Thats all i want.

You know how the "old" smwc2 had that slow-scrolling thing for some reason? Please don't have that.

Also, I liked the level picture shown at the bottom of the site. Will that make a return?
My little SMWC2 wishlist...

-Get rid of or move the "New Thread button" while viewing threads.
-Cut World of Insanity board and replace with "Board Member Favourites" board (make it a bit classier).
-Categorization in the custom music section (and other sections too)
-A custom palette section.
-Remove the "Users online" list from the top and just replace it with a link to the list.
-Karma system perhaps?

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.


Instead of the current SMW related forum layout, I'd go for somthing like:

Basics - Help with Lunar Magic & other Basic Hacking

SMW Art - ExGfx/Music hacking related threads

SMW Programming - Sprites, Blocks, and anything ASM related

SMW Hack Discussion - Same as now


Customizable schemes:

Choose from any of a number of background pics, forum colors, gradient colors, etc.


Rank based on a combination of Posts, Submissions, Badges, Trophies rather than just posts. Better leveling system than "every 20 posts"


A Problem Solved checkbox for the creator of a thread so that when a problem is solved, they can self-close a thread.


A "lock scheme" option for bios so that all users that view a bio view it in the same scheme


System that automatically checks if an avatar is larger than 100x100 before using it

(This idea would probably get no support, but mabye for a single scheme or something)

A condensed menu that's at the top rather than the side. Something like:

Main - News - Forums - SMWiki - Files - F.A.Q - RAM/ROM Map - Rules - Links

Where Files would go to a splash page that leads to all of the different types


A "Ban Cookie", so to avoid an IP Ban, spammers would not only have to use a proxy but delete their cookies as well. Not a big deterrant if they figure it out, but it might be helpful due to it's simplicity.


Charge money (like a dollar) for name changes to prevent name-change spamming. Could have like a name change credit system where a user automatically earns one every 3 months or so, and they can buy a credit to change their name if they haven't earned any.


Reduction of max characters in a username to ~16-18


Replace "Since" area of posts with something that shows how long they've been a member.


Put total page views in user profiles and possibly a ratio between posts/views for the lulz.


A "censor" option in your profile for younger users who don't want to see constant swearing


Your layout has been removed.
Here are a few that I don't think have been posted yet:

-Limit name changes

-Maybe have a "Featured Hack Log" which is just like the "Deleted Hack Log," except that it shows how the hack became featured and how it stood out from the rest of the hacks.

-Have a section for the File/Hack removal logs instead of condensing them into one topic.
- Maybe an automatic PM system saying the rules and other info when you register.

- Pre-made layouts or maybe a few avatars for you to choose from when you register.

-Birthday Calendar.

Make it so you can't register if your IP already matches another profile on the site. This should hopefully, slow down on re-regs. IF there is another account created by someone else from the same IP, it has to be approved through a mod or admin.

Layout by LDA during C3.
A search bar... *shot*

A chat room?... *double shot*

Comments on custom music, exgfx, etc.

Just back here to browse a bit.
Another Magicky button! Lolz.

Okay, seriously, for Christmas, can SMWCentral 2.0 have:
- A Gift Shop?
- "Horrid Hacks" Section
- "Hall of Fame" Section
- "Hall of Shame" Section
- And for me, a mod position in it (No offense, just a little joke)
Please Santa (To make the little kids who probably don't go to this site still believe in Santa)?

EDIT: Oh, you know the banner that you put on top of the website? The one that says,"SMWCentral - Your primary SMW hacking resource?" If it's possible, you could try to make that into a small movie!
People seem to want to limit name changes, but I think it would be best if you could just choose one permanent main username in addition to your current username. Then, when your name gets moused over, it shows a small window saying what your main username is. Don't know who someone is? Just mouse over their name, problem solved.

Forums should be like this:


Announcements (durrrr)

SMW Hacking

Basic (for questions involving Lunar Magic, or insertion of ExGFX/blocks/sprites/music)

Creative (for creating ExGFX and music)

Advanced (for ASM, hex, sprites, and blocks)

Hack Discussion (same as current)

General (for discussions like "What order do you normally make your levels" or "Good plot ideas", basically non-hacking related questions)

Other Creations

Art/Music (same as art)

Non-SMW Hacks (same as ROM hacking)

Game Creation (same as current)

Programming (for non-game things)


Talk/Debate (same as talk, maybe try to keep it more serious)

Gaming (includes emulation)

Media (same as TV/Music/Movies)

Forum Games (same as current)

The Site (same as current)

World of Insanity (except don't allow pointless threads or spam, just make it a place for random stuff that doesn't fit anywhere)

Trash Can (who someone delete threads)


As for a search feature, perhaps you could choose some tags when you make a thread. When you search for a tag, it brings up those threads. Of course, this means people too stupid to tag properly won't have their threads show up, but I think the threads that will be searched for the most will be made by people smart enough to tag them. Also, a feature to report tags from an improperly tagged thread will likely be necessary.

Wow, I said "tag" a lot.
Online Users.

Edit: Also,
-A "View Submissions" link in a user's profile to show all submissions by that user.
-Ability to have multiple post layouts.
-Editing your post should still have the thread preview below it.
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