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SMW Central 2.0 Feature Suggestions
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I'm joining the dark side for a bit. I don't really know if certain options already exists though:

PM Temp ban
PM Perma ban
HTML temp ban
HTML perma ban
IP temp ban
IP permaban
Forum temp ban
Forum permaban
Layout temp ban
Layout permaban
Avatar temp ban
Avatar permaban
An option to nuke the "From" field (if there will be any)
We should be able to input hours AND minutes in the temp ban nukes.

That was it.
-Bring online users back! :O
-A system that stores what rating users give hacks and such and allows mods/admins to delete blatant 0's.
-A RPG system... you would gain coins by posting and contributing to the site and it can be used to buy items and things like that (not really much point to this, but it would be fun to have).
-A system that prevents memes from being used in usernames. This is somewhat pointless for some who are fine with memes, but it would prevent people who hate them from screaming at their computer.

Your layout has been removed.
Online users, a search function, including the options to find unaswered threads. I'll edit this post when I think of some more suggestions.

Edit: Oh, yeah. A chatroom here on the site, you know, like the cute chat we had for a day or so.
I suggest a "Stab people in the face over the internet" feature.
Burn with fire option for hack mods, complete with small amusing flash animation of a hack getting torched.
1- A self-destruct button for users whom want to leave this place and never return, without having to ask a mod to do so.

2- Implement an EB battle system complete with

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...

How about searching for users by their past usernames?

Also, it would be nice to have an online Midi to MML converter so people wouldn't have to donload one, and so people who run OS's without Midi to MML converter programs can still do so. (Kinda a wild request I know.)

Also, yes bring back the Online users page so I can stalk people again
I don't think an online midi -> mml converter is necessary, considering that most people who hack use Windows, since LM doesn't work on anything else.

A few things we could do to reduce the spam and stupid user problem:

-Require e-mail registration before posting in the forums.

-Have a page showing common n00b hack mistakes that you must look at before submitting a hack. Not everyone will see the hack removal thread and related threads, so this guarantees that the user will know what we don't accept before they submit their hack.

-Users cannot post Youtube embeds within one day of registering.

-You could take the above rule further and just have a HTML ban for new users, but this may restrict new users with good hacks posting screenshots and such.

-Give mods the ability to send "pop-up PMs" that the recipient will automatically get redirected to when they go to SMWCentral. Some users don't check their old posts or PMs at all, and continue posting without realizing that they ever broke a rule.

-For hacks, remove comments and just have a page for each hack called Reviews. When rating a hack, you must post on the Reviews page. This would also solve the downrating problem, as mods could delete bad reviews.

Also, we need a forum for the SMWCentral Production. PRETTY PLEASE???
- A guestbook for the profiles,where you can leave comments for him!
- EXGFX/Music etc. Rating
- The Patches Section can be splitted up into ASM and IPS.
- The highest rated hacks can be a Top 10.
- More Trohpies?
- More Site schemes
- SNN 2 :D


F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
I have another:

When making a thread, be able to have a description under it:

My Unamed Hack
-5 new screens
Like this?

I wish... hum... dividing the documents section in categories like "n00bs", "Intermediate" and "pro".

Your layout has been removed.
A feature in the ExGFX section so the files are sorted after type. Example: castle, forest, grassland, snow, etc.
I remember on Nsider forums, you had to be a certain rank to do certain actions and have certain abilities. Maybe you can somehow incorporate a system like that. Things like videos, userbars, avatars, post layouts, and name changes are not allowed until you reach a certain level.

Also, I agree that a new sort function in ExGFX should be sorted by type. Many tilesets are named by the level the rip is from, which can be hard when you are searching for a certain graphic set.
There should be a music show off thread.

Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Originally posted by Bluemoon
There should be a music show off thread.

There is. Check the Art Forum for it.

(I should probably start allowing any songs there, rather than just custom ones. Meh. Go ahead.)
What exactly is SMW Central 2?
A new layout? A new site?
Please explain...
I'm confuzled.
(lolwut confuzled lol)
How about a "search for hack" feature
as in, you search a hack by it's overall rating etc...
or maybe what you like in a hack? Say, something to do with Bowser, or something random, like blood :)?
I'm sorry Boom, I didn't know that. I'll try to pay attention next time.

1-Spelling/grammar button underneath your post.
2-Online icon above postcount, so when you look at a post somebody has made, it tells you if they are on or not.
3-A guestbook.
4-Another chat, like the cutechat we had for about 5 days.

More later.
- Smilies, definetly -> I'd even be willing to draw them. >_>
- Search function -> Oftenly helps when searching data, stuff, text, etc.
- Be allowed to view voters of your files -> Maybe manage them as well to prevent joke ratings as in 0 spammers.
- New edit layout -> that way we can preview them, save them and choose from one without losing the code. :P
- New name colors -> I'm kinda tired of the AcmlmBoard name colors. :(
- More organized file bin -> It's a mess right now, imho. D:
- Faster server!! -> This one loads really slow sometimes, unfortunately. :(

I think that's it. ;p
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