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Welcome to Tribal Council! (Yes, I stole Jeff Probst's line...)

The Game

There will be only one game, and only ten lucky people can sign up. The game will begin the day after everyone signs up. Post here if you want to sign up or answer a question.


People will partake in "challenges" and eventually vote each other off and into the Jury. People who are "safe" cannot vote or be voted for, people who are "vulnerable" can vote and be voted for and in the final round, nobody is safe, but can't vote. Once three people are left, the jury then votes for the winner. Votes can only be sent to me by PMs, and votes will be revealed on the second day of every round. In the uncommon event that is a tie, both people voted for will be eliminated. Note: the Jury members do not vote until the end of the final Round.


Ten people will be asked questions about generic things you (should have) learned in school, or from everyday life. People who get answers wrong are "vulnerable" and can vote and be voted for in Tribal Council. Only the first person to get a question correct is "safe", and cannot vote or be voted for. If nobody gets a question right, they're all vulnerable. If, somehow, two or more people tie on the same minute answering a question, they will all be "safe". Also, on the final Round, the question is just for fun.


In each round, there are two days. On day number 1, there will be a Challenge, and all ten people will answer the question. On the second day, the vulnerable people send their votes to me via PM. On the final Round, the Jury sends their votes to me.

Whew! I hope I didn't miss anything... Anyways, with all that said, please have fun! Note: sign-up begins... NOW!!!


1 Unknown5642
2 Count Bleck
3 Superyoshi
4 Luigi-San
5 Ice Warrior
6 Tormentor2

Do NOT make this on of those "OMGSPAMMYSPAMMYSPAM" threads, please.

~Pirate Yoshi~

Sign me up!
Eh.. I guess I'll join. Let's see how far 7th grade takes me..
I'm in!
Sign me up :P

Dragons are smarter than all of you. Our brains hold the capacity of 100 elephants xD
I join too.
Your layout has been removed.
This game didn't pan out as planned.

Oh well :)
I'm in, too, I guess :P
me too!

Sign me up, seems interesting.
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Sign me up, this might actually be worth while.
Note: My name (Snow_Dragon Yoshi) is now Count Bleck & Snowy Spiny Shell is now known as just ... Spiny Shell.

Incase you get confused.
I'm posting this reply for two reasons:

1. SMWC USERS! SIGN UP! We need but one more person to start this game, it'll be exciting if you do. Sounds like a good game, don't let it go to waste.

2. To Yohohoshi: If no one signs up by the 30th, can we just start the game with 9 people?

~ Count Bleck
Okay, if no one else signs up by the 30th, we'll just begin the game. It won't last as long, but it should still be good nonetheless.

~Pirate Yoshi~

I will sign up, I've got nothing better to do :P.

Alright, we have all our players! The game will begin tomorrow. We will finally be able to get this underway. Thanks for signing up, people. Have a nice day.

~Pirate Yoshi~
Ok... seeing that Yohohoshi keeps logging in and out nearly 30 minutes after this was supposed to start, I'm asuming it's been delayed until tommorow?

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Probably ... i saw Yoho at around 10:00 then half and hour later logged off and never came back on ...

I was really looking forward to this - it was going to entertain me in the morning.

(Yea, its 11:30am here ... i had to wake up early for this.)
Sorry about the delay, I got busy yesterday and didn't have time to post. >_>

Anyways, here's the first the first question:

What was the highest mountain on Earth before Mt. Everest was discovered?

The first round has now begun (once again, sorry for the delay), and it is now time to answer. As the rules say, the first person to answer correctly is "safe", and can't be voted for during the second part of this round. No answers will be accepted by this time tomorrow.

~Pirate Yoshi~