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SMB3 Brick help

Okay, I know how to insert the brick via block tool and it works perfectly when I use it in game. I have been trying to find out how to make it look like the brick. I looked everywhere and the only answers I can get from people are something like use ExGFX. What ExGFX file do I use? Can someone plese help me?
So does it take the turn blocks place in the map16 or do I need a map16 page. I understand how to use ExGFX but this just comes with GFX files. What do I do after this?
Uh, have you tried using yy-chr?

Download yy-chr.
Extract the graphics of your rom with Lunar Magic.
Open up yy-chr in two windows.
On one yy-chr, open the graphics file 33.
On the other, open the animated brick.
Copy and paste the brick into where the turn block is.
Do the same with graphics file 0.

That should work if you are okay with losing your turn block graphics.
You can also erase the turn block turning graphics, so then it looks like the block flashes instead of turning.

This should work out fine.
If the pallette is wrong, you can either edit it a little via Lunar Magic's 8x8 editor, or you can apply the custom pallette with Lunar Magic also.
Let's-a go!

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thanks alot explodingchair!