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how old are you?

14 years. 3rd class of secondary school (9th grade American education system)

Edit : Will become 15 on the 12th of August btw.
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I'm 15 years old. I will be 16 years old on March 24th, 2009. ;)
But I was surprised at the fact that you are only 16 year one,Dinomar, I took you for much more. XD
I attend the grammar school, informatic specialisation, 1th class. (on an other name: 9th class)
I'm 15 too, and I'm in 10th grade.

(Wow, that was a pretty short post.)

Well, I think there was already a thread similar to this one in somewhere... anyway, I'm 13, and I'm going to turn 14 by New Year's eve (December 31th). I'm on the 9th grade of middle school, by the way.
13. 14 at second of april.
I'm 18
14, the age when you're most bored
I'm 12. That's right. I'm one of those god awful 12 HaxOreSS!!!11!1
... >_<

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13 years old. Wow... 13 or older is more popular than 12 or under. =P
Originally posted by Santa's dog
14, the age when you're most bored

Are you serious!? Damn, 13 was boring enough...

I do NOT look forward to these next 364 days. D:
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Oh, I'm 15.
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I am 13. 14 on January 10th.
Just back here to browse a bit.
I turned 18 2 months ago.
I'm 22 years, 7 months, 22 days, 17 hours, and 25 minutes old. Yeah.
I am 12 years old.
- I am 15 years old.
- Or 5567 months.
- Or 133621 hours.
- Or 8017302 minutes.
- Or 481038072 seconds.

Level up, I am now 481038073 seconds old! Party at my place! :D

I'm 16 years old, doing the 2nd year of "Medium College" (Brazilian Education System ¬¬ - Always passed), and in the 1st half of the technical course, called Electromechanical Maintenance (There are four halfs - I could be in the 2nd, but I didn't pass).

12 years, 11 months old. I'm in the 8th grade in California. I turn 13 on Jan. 20th
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