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how old are you?

my age?12.
16... If someone want to know this
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Originally posted by Dinhomer
Originally posted by King_Koopa
16... If someone want to know this

this is the why i opened this

Correction: This is the reason of this thread

i just lurk sometimes
i am 13 years old.....
sorry for my bad English I come from Germany and try English to learn
I'm onwy twee-an-a-haf yeas owld! Teehee!

Jk, 14 years and 15 in about a month.
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...what? Am I supposed to type more to avoid this as postcount++? I'm clueless on what to say! SHUT UP!! ;_; </being a moron>
I'm 13 on 28th May.Free counters!
14. It's really surprising that there's more people my age doing this!
I am 16 years old, and my birthday is October 1st. I have the exact time I was born on some plate thing at home, but I forget what time it was, and I'm not at home currently~
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Originally posted by ChaoticFox
14. It's really surprising that there's more people my age doing this!

adding a thing: indeed, i thought that everyone would have more years old than me, for example, since 20 years old.

but this community is populated (not really :D) by kids and not adult(except for someone), and this makes me glad otherwise i would be so little <:o
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18^^ I currently make the Abitur (I think it's like the American High school graduation. After that I will study psychology. Maaan, I feel pretty old...
i am 13. Gonna turn 14 September 21
I am 13 years old
im 14 near to 15 years old
I do pixels sometimes
I turned 11 last week. I'm a student from Taiwan.
17, almost 18.
15, for some reason I feel younger though.
I'm fourteen, and at the point where everything has become boring. Hoora... damn it.
23 :( People older than me would think I was stupid for thinking I was old and say I'm young...but dangit I feel old these days. I hear that 25 is bad, and especially 30...but 23 just feels like I'm a bit outdated lol