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GFX Prob?

I yy-chr to convert my turn block gfx into SMB3 bricks, but it looks odd. The top half of the block is normal with small squares on the outside and a big square in the middle. However the bottom half is a copy of the top instead of having large squares on the outside and a small square on the inside. It's probably hard to understand, but can someone please help me!? a screen shot you can show us?
Layout by LDA during C3.
1. Select the tile you want to edit, and click on "Edit 16x16 Attributes".

2. Enter the following in the first four text fields:


and hit OK.

3. Right-click on the tile to apply the changes.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all bricks look right.

5. Press F9 to save.

Thanks a lot for the help. Does anyone know how to fix the animation to make it correct.How do I not make the block flash
Well, if it's flashing that means it's ExAnimation, so just undo it ^~^
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DAMMIT.. now if I give the block I inserted the SMB3 graphics, it acts like a powerup block instead of the brick.
Here a Ex animation for you King Boo

Remember to press Ctrl Shift and Pgdn on 8x8 editor to see the
Ex animation
Thank you flopping luigi. I'm so stupid :( I forgot to press F9 lol
Guys I'm still confused:(
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I want my blocks to look like the circled one on the toolbar. Also how do I get them to shine like they do in some ROM Hacks.