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Super Mario Place (mucho screens included)

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Hi, I'm Clockwork and I used to come to a previous incarnation of these forums years ago. That was a while ago. Anyway, here's what I've been doing since:

My game is called Super Mario Place. I've been working on it for a little over four years, and I'm nearly completed with it. I will have a demo ready within a week, I expect. Here's more screens:

Super Mario Place will feature 9 worlds with several sub-areas. Each world has about five levels, so it reaches close to sixty levels total. Here are screens to captivate your imaginations.

As you can see, there's a lot of ExGFX that I have drawn myself. Unfortunately, there is not however custom music, as I started making this before that became a Big Thing.

Level design is important to me above all else. I use minimal ASM and custom sprite interference, choosing to use what the game already has in interesting and fun ways. It's the levels that are the meat of the freaky game sandwich, after all. Just a few more screens.

Okay, fine, this is the last batch. I think more screens helps to illustrate the game better anyway. Sorry if I'm slowing down you guys out in the woods.

The keen observer and the obsessive-compulsive alike will notice that I only posted screens from maybe five or six distinct worlds. This is true. I will have more screens to post in the future, but expect a brief demo before that.

One last thing: I have made a portal of info for this game.
Super Mario Place Space
It's only temporary! I'm making a real web site soon. Okay, that's all.

So uh... how'm I doin'?
I have to say, this hack looks amazing so far. Very impressive.
I love most of the graphics you're using, they look so natural and all tie together well. The level design also looks good, from what I can tell in the screens. I'm waiting for that thar demo.

The only problems I see are slight palette issues (vines and logs) and the BGs in the beach are seem a bit too simplistic for the FG.
A few other small things.

I'm a tough critic too. :P
I'm a dirty heathen. Anyone have a Christian baby for me to eat?
Yeah, this looks awesome besides some pallete issues :O.

You should definately release some of the exgfx. Also, romis addmusic can add music into edited roms, if you care..
This is just amazing. I am soo playing this when it comes out.

Just only some complaints:

In the first batch, the dark area, the bat's pallete really looks strange.

The second batch of screenshots, I see berries floating in air, which looks weird.

Batch 4, the net climbing part, you can get infinite 1ups by being at a certain position above the area the bullet bills fire from and fly.

Batch 5, some weird pallete vertical logs and vines there. And some strange green boo tongues. And a purple grinder.

The rest seems great, though I probably missed some floating berries.

EDIT: It's so awesome that this thread got two replies while I was writing and posting mine.
This is looking superb so far. You have a really nice layout going on here. From what I can tell, your level design is the main focus, and it looks really good. Also, your custom graphics are amazing! They all blend perfectly with one another, and they are beautiful to look at.

As mentioned before, there are a few palette issues. The ones that stand out to me the most is in the fifth batch. The dark tribal temple screenshot looks odd with Mario having a green outline, and the black Koopa. Also pointed out before...there are a few instances where the level of detail between the foreground and the background clash.

All in all though, this looks excellent, and I am definitely looking forward to more. (I LOVE that beach temple screenshot personally.)
Amazing.Simply amazing.Great graphics and superb level design.However,as the others stated,there are some palette issues,flying berries,and the climbing net + bullet bill 1-up trick.

Also,on the seventh screenshot(the one with Sumo Bro fire),doesn't that cause slowdown?

Well,this is looking amazing so far.I am SO going to play it when it's released.
good screenshots

I liked very much theses `cow boy koopas´
Very nice, but some graphics and some palettes can be still improved. However, I can't wait to play this.
Working on Quest on Full Moon Island 2.
Update: May 5, 2016
This hack looks awesome and everything, but...

Super Mario... Place?

Surely there have got to be better names...
This hack looks really nice. There are a few bad plalletes, like the one where Mario is green. :P But where's the OW screenies??
Other than that, the name could be a bit better. I don't have a problem with it, though.
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Thanks for the comments, guys, they are much appreciated. I want to fine-tune this thing as much as I can before I release it.

- I fixed the colors for the logs, vines, and bats.

- I'll look into the beach BG, however BGs are kind of my weak point. I'll see what I can do though.

- I didn't realize I allowed the 1-up trick with the bullet bill. I might actually just disable that from the game, because I have several levels that involve climbing...

- As for the berries... they're actually Yoshi coins :p I guess I could change the graphics if it's really that jarring... maybe.

- The dark tribal temple is supposed to look like that :x The entire level is under a black light. Trust me, I think it'll be good in practice. It'll be a real trip.

- Same goes for the green boo tongues. There's a lot of ghostly green in that level.

- I'll be sure to take OW screenshots in my next run

- And finally, the name Super Mario Place is kind of a joke on Nintendo's tendency to title Mario games in that fashion. Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Galaxy... I'm just following suite :p

Originally posted by Geno_4_Ever
also, romis addmusic can add music into edited roms, if you care..

I didn't know that O_O Well, I must just get to add custom music after all, eh? I will contemplate the possibilities. Thanks!
Yeah, but i dont know how to use romis, its pretty new. Anyway, if you want, can i test your hack for errors? I find a lot of errors and write them down as i go so i dont forget. I can also do it right now.
super nice! I really like the one where Mario is in a thunderstorm
Allow me to poke this thread with some new screens.
This is also the final screen dump, as I've just finished constructing all the levels, and will begin intense testing over the next couple of weeks or so.

I tried uploading a demo, but it wasn't accepted. I forgot to disable free roaming in the OW before I locked the hack. Anyway, I'm too busy working on the actual game and can't be buggered to go back and fix what would have still worked in the first place... so you'll just have to wait for the whole version in a few weeks :p Sorry guys.

Aww,I wanted to play it so badly :(

Well,I'm not impatient,so I'll wait.As for the screenshots,all the levels,palettes,and graphics look awesome.This is truly great!The only problem,is that on the 11th screenshot,there are some cut-off vines.Attach the bottoms to a block,and then,it would have no errors.

From the screenshots,I can almost say this is perfect,but I'll have to play it so I can give my final score.Keep it up!
This is... oh my god... WAIT A SECOND.


Acmlm's Board.

You were CheesePie, weren't you? Followed by Jack Skellington in the next incarnation?

And you and I dueled against each-other in the Roleplaying Arenas on many occasions, didn't we?

Maybe I'm confusing you with someone else, but... I recognize some of those screenshots from YEARS ago... You have to be the same person.

I was Schwa. The Psi Warrior.
It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
You guys know each other?That's great!Don't ask me why this is so great,but it is!You both are awesome!(Okay,I just answered something,but I don't know what I mean.Wait,what?)
(I faint and pass out in disbelief and wake up two minutes later)
You have got to be kidding me!?!
Lookin' good! I don't have much criticism to give that anyone else hasn't said already. Keep up the great work. ^_^
Thanks for the comments, guys, and uh -
*double take*

Originally posted by Skwaa
I was Schwa. The Psi Warrior.

Schwaaaaaaaaaaa! It's you!
I will PM you immediately.
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