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Coffee vs. Tea! Which do you prefer?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Coffee vs. Tea! Which do you prefer?
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So. Roy and I were in IRC talking briefly about coffee and tea. Then I got the brilliant notion to post a thread about them.

I see Coffee and Tea the way I see cats and dogs, X and O, waffles and pancakes, Mario and Sonic, or Groundon and Kyogre. They're counterparts. Thou must not disturb thy balance in this world. Both are essential to the universe's delicate ebb and flow.

But which one's your favorite? Post here.

Me, I'm a Coffee guy. When I have coffee it goes down 3 mugs at a time, and it works like Ritalin to me, calming my nerves and connecting me better to the world around me. Many of my best custom SMW sprites were done on a night while tanked on coffee. :)

Let the battle begin! Which is the best, coffee or tea?

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
I hate both.

I'm a juice or water guy.

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Well, as I said in IRC... Coffee, even though tea can be nice. But coffee tastes better.

Nothing can own iced tea though {B)

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I honestly really prefer tea, particularly sweet iced tea.

I can deal with coffee-flavored desserts or coffee that has been turned into a dessert (an icy mocha full of lots of milk and whipped cream for example), but I really don't particularly like plain hot coffee.

That's just me, though.


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I would have to say Coffee.
I usually drink Coffee on Mondays when I can't get myself up out of bed. It gets me motivated and ready for school.

As you may or may not know, I hate bitter things, so Tea just isn't for me. I know you can sweeten your Tea, but that just doesn't seem to do the trick...
i prefer much more the tea than the coffee.
i take coffee only with cakes and milk, but i hate just coffee.

mmmmmmhhh.. peach iced tea (|O)

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Originally posted by Dinhomer
i prefer much more the tea than the coffee.
i take coffee only with cakes and milk, but i hate just coffee.

mmmmmmhhh.. peach iced tea (|O)

Lemon iced tea for me, it's the best drink ever invented IMO.

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I prefer tea to coffee... I just don't like coffee somehow. I'm probably one of the world's biggest weirdos, seeing that most of the people I know enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, and I'm completely the opposite of them. So yeah... :|
ehh coffee over tea.

I rather drink Hot Coa-coa. In daily basis, I drink tooo much soda. I'm drinking coffee right now. :p
Depends on how i'm feeling, but i usually prefer tea.

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For me it depends what time of day it is. I am not a morning person, so I like to wake up to a nice cup of black coffee, or two or even three!

In the night time right before I go to bed I have a green tea with milk and a tad of honey.

My choice 35%tea 65%coffee


Rare tea's are my favorite, ones from China and Japan... I've even drank one that is supposed to show you the true reason you were created in your sleep after drinking it... I saw the same dream I see every night now...
-Normal day at school
-Outside with a girl and my friend
-Dark Crystals fall
-I black out
-(in dream) I wake up in a field with my friend and the girl
Then I wake up XD It's been happening for 2 1/2 weeks now o.O

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I prefer tea. It's very rare to see me drinking coffee...


I like tea way more. I just don't really like the taste of coffee.

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I've actually never had coffee before, so by default, tea is victorious
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Two words:

One of the best drinks ever. AND it makes an awesome icecream. AND It is Japane-*shot*

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I prefer tea really, that is if iced tea counts. Although I have gotten some sort of coffee type substance from Starbucks before and it was pretty good.


Tea is my favorite drink of all, most importantly green tea... yes it's Japanese. is it that you people like it...did you all force yourself to drinking this, and liked it? Well, I guess tea is bitter as well... but coffee, it's made from grains. Not my thing.

Not only that, but the smell is only appealing to me at some times. Usually, I like the smell of tea (green, or any other herb, leaf, etc.), and the smell of coffee at a doughnut shop is quite appealing. You see, I had tasted coffee once in my past- a long while ago, I must say- and I truly was disgusted... I thought that it'd taste well. It didn't. From those times on, I stook to green tea.

By the by, did you know green tea is HEALTHY? Coffee has CAFFINE, and this drug gives an extra chance of getting heart problems if it is taken too much...

I'm not saying or ranting about coffee, just saying that tea has more benefits than coffee...

If I am wrong, please, give your rebuttal.
Originally posted by ...Frozen Ellipse...

Yah, sure. I've tasted it.
Even thought I don't drink either of them a lot, I'd say... Coffe. Since, well. I don't like tea that much.
But I've I never just taken a mug of coffe or tea on the morning/evening.
Tea, especially iced. White tea is my favorite, though it can be quite expensive.

Coffee, well, the flavor's okay, but I never wanted to depend on it for energy. A lot of time's I'll drink a coffee substitute though, which is really good.
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Coffee vs. Tea! Which do you prefer?

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