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SMB3 Pipes help

I used the pipe patch on my hack but when I try to use the pipes something weird happens. I try to go down but it just makes mario jump a little. Its like hes going in and coming out of the same direction instantly. Any Ideas? Also can someone help me on my GFX Prob thread?
What version are you using? If it's v1.2.0, switch to v1.4.2 first.

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I think you're using a blue pipe, but in the corner, you have selected the wrong tile... Try to fix it.
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If you're using the pipes via pipeinstall, here are your possible errors:

1. You have exit tiles covering the entrance. Use both exit tiles on the MAP16 page (depending on the pipe) to have them work near other pipe entrances. Do not cover both green entrance cap tiles with exit tiles.
2. You aren't pressing down hard/ long enough.
3. You have to reconfigure your blue pipe corners. Refer to the sample level. Note that it's not just the four tiles, its eight:
Where XX is a tile.

Hope this helps!