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I really need help! Please can you answer my question

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How do you make the blocks in the MAP16 look like the circled ones in the toolbar. Also can somebody please tell me how to make them flash with ExAnimation? Anything is appreciated.
Insert the ExAnimation file as ExGFXxx, then push the Red Mushroom button and select the file in the box Extend Animated Area with GFX. Then open the 8x8 editor and press ctrl+shift+PageDown and go to page 5. The click on the SMB3 brick button, select the Entry, the type (I reccomend single 8x8)and the style (POW Actived in this case). If you heve selected the option POW Actived, in the frames, the brick Animation occupies frames 1-8 and the coin, 9-16. The destination is the 8x8 tile in the standard GFX that is affected by ExAnimation. The frames are the tiles in Page 5 or 4 that you select.
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Assuming you inserted the "Animated Brick Block" GFX, this is an easier way:

1. Click on the wrong tile in the 16x16 editor, and select "Edit 16x16 Attributes".
2. Enter
in the first four fields, and click OK.
3. Right-click on the tile, and press F9 to save. (Make sure you right-click on the tile you selected in step 1, and no other tile!)
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until everything looks right.

WhiteYoshiEgg I did that but when I put it on the 16x16 editor it flashes in the game. Like it keeps changing shape.