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there showing Phantom of The Mega-plex 2marrow on Disney, lol Umm i havent seen that movie in like for ever ^_^
gewd fer u

ok,... more to this? This is to short to be a topic.
Kawaii !!

Phantom of the mega-plex? What the? Is that supposed to be a spoof on Phantom of the Opera or a real movie that updates the story like in Lurman's Romeo and Juliet? Is it supposed to be good, special? I hope that you enjoy watching this. Tell us all about it when it is over tomorrow.
I am not a hacker by trade, I am an observer and I can be very observant. I tend to lurk around here to prolong the good experience of playing the original SMW. Whatever can add onto it is something that I will definitely do when I am bored which is often. And I will rarely post and give praise when needed to the hacks that may make me interested to relive memories.

My worst enemy in Mario isn't Bowser but my controller that keeps on getting disconnected from the inside. Might be my memory count.
i thought it was on today... i saw it not today though
its on right now!
Oh crap!
(day later ) i missed it
dont worry, it'll show up again.
it IS october after all