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add music_e help.

I have a trouble in add music_e.

If I try to insert more than 4 songs, it says: data is too large...

Do I need to use Lunar Expand?

If yr trying to insert level songs, they are calculated per every 4 tracks by Addmusic. You can have up to 41C8 bytes (remember, it's hex) per four level tracks if using RevX (i think earlier versions of Addmusic only allow for smaller sizes per 4 slots). (Note: make sure you use Command Prompt instead of the included .bat file if you use RevX or else the .ini file won't be produced.)

Most likely, the tracks you are trying to insert are larger than the allowable byte size. An easy fix is to check all yr file sizes and create a list whereby every 4 tracks only adds up to well under the allowable byte size. Also, try not to use songs over 4kb, but again, RevX and newer versions of Addmusic fixed this issue and it's not so much of a problem anymore.