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Need help with "addmusic" or porting?
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With the numerous amount of addmusic releases, and the fact that the old thread is really long and rather ... outdated, I have taken the liberty to make a new thread. Here are a few very basic rules to follow when using the thread.

1. YOU MUST NOT POST MUSIC CODE DIRECTLY IN THE THREAD. If you're stuck with some code, you must provide a link to the TXT itself. Using the file bin is the best option here. Violators of this rule will be banned for 24 hours. No exceptions.
2. If you're having trouble with a specific addmusic, please specify who made it and which version it is. There is nothing worse than trying to help someone who doesn't even know which addmusic they are using.

That's it. That's all I'm asking from you. If you can't follow these rules, heaven help you.

NOTICE: If you are trying to get the $ED $XX $XX (The N-SPC Patch) to work on your ROM, use the following two files instead of the ones with 4.04.


EDIT: MORE.bin has been updated as of Jan. 18/2010. This one can be used with either Carol's or Romi's, and allows you to use $E5 $XX + 80 $YY to access samples in SMWS that are greater than 14. It should probably be advised that you may have to use $E5 to reset the original SMW samples as well. Only use this MORE.bin if you know what you're doing.

MORE.bin: $E5 Compatible

Overwrite the old ones, pick your free address, and patch it with Xkas.



Want more sample space? Use the following bank!
smw_opt-bnk (optimize).bnk


Also, here is the formula for BPM to SMW Tempo, courtesy of BBS750 (thanks a lot)

Originally posted by BBS750

Anyways, I found made an accurate formula for converting BPM to SMW tempo, since they are indeed very different.

The formula is 5/6 of 1/2 of the original BPM.

Example: Your BPM is 170. You would divide 170 by 2, which gives you 85. Then you multiply 85 by 5/6 and you get 70.83. Round it off to 71 and that's your tempo!
Ah, a custom music showoff thread. Since I don't have any Addmusic question right now, I'll just post some SPC I've made... It's a remix of one of TSRPR's songs. Some of you may have heard it already (It's even in the Custom Music section), but anyway:

"Ice Volcano"


Finally, I have a place where I can show off some of my custom music ports.

WhiteYoshiEgg: I've never played TSRPR before, but that sounds pretty good. The instruments you've chosen really makes it sound cool and icy. May I suggest putting in some echo effects to enhance the song a little.

Now my turn:
This is an original song I composed in midi about a year ago. I didn't actually ever port it until about a month ago. And for something I made a long time ago, I think it turned out pretty good. Here it is:

"Into The Dark Forest"

And also, some of you may have heard my port of "Make Eggs, Throw Eggs" from Yoshi's Island. And I'm trying to make a few improvements on it right now. It still isn't finished though.

"Make Eggs, Throw Eggs"
"Chocolate Rain 'Enhanced'".spc

My improved version of Chocolate Rain, which may rather sound more lol. I dunno if I should submit it or not. O_o
Moved to the other thread.
Eh, finally something where I can show my newest work, which hasn't been released yet and won't be for a while, due to newer commands being used, which are only compatible with Carol's newest addmusic version 1.21. Anyway, here are the songs:


I uploaded them to a folder on my site instead of listing every single song of the 55 songs here. Listen, comment on them, if you like and enjoy them.

NOTE: Not all songs have a proper intro yet.
I've done only two musics with sucess in my life:

"See Jim Run, Run Jim Run!! - Earthworm Jim 2"

"Who Turned Out the Lights? - Earthworm Jim"

Can't upload due big wheight. It's hard compact it...

Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

---== SPC Show-offs end here==---

---== Addmusic questions starts here==---
I'll start with the questions.

I'm using the addmusic made by carol, and for some reason the song "forest maze" get's cut off. I'm not sure if it's the program, or the song itself. I put in an SPC so people could hear what's wrong with it.
Here's the song.
Hmm, someone else had the same problem while it was working fine for me. Send me the TXT via PM and I will see what's wrong with it.

Also, are you using the latest version of Carol's addmusic? It's only in Japanese though but has alot of bug fixes. Unfortunately he stopped working on the English version but that's not the big deal, since errors can only be bad octaves, bad symbols, too heigh/low notes, etc.

Another thing, while using his Addmusic, did you specify "-a" command for ADSR insertion e.g.

addmusic.exe -a -l list.txt -m -r smw.smc

-a = insert ADSR $ED command
-l = specify list file just like Sprite Tool
-m = create msc file for song names in LM
-r = input ROM file (only in newest version 1.21)
I can't seem to get either of the addmusic made easy programs to work right. Whenever I use the RevX one, it won't insert the song into SMW. Whenever I use Addmusic by Perl (using the .EXE), it doesn't do anything. I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the latest version of both, and I do put the right thing in that "directory" for the RevX one. Funny thing is, I can get Addmusic to work fine, but then I can't add music if it's patched.
I have a n00b question about music. I know how to insert it and everything but what the heck is an .SPC file. It's like some certificate thing and what does it do? I tried inserting it with add music to my ROM but that does'nt work. Help please!

Your layout has been removed.
You cannot insert SPC files. These files are the songs of the SNES. You can play them with ZD-Amp or any other SPC player/plugin such as SNESAmp.
Hello, I'm using Romi admusic v.4.04, and for some reason muy game freezes in the "Mario start!" screen when I load a stage with custom music. I was using previous release (4.03) without problems, but now with the last version I have this problem.... I want to use version 4.04 because it fix the problem with overworld original/custom themes. Any solution?
I'm attempting to insert some songs from the custom music archive here, but I'm getting similar errors with quite a few of them.

For example, taltal heights by supertails gives me a syntax error at line 4 when I try to insert it.

I'm using addmusic_e.

I'm just not sure what's up. Is it the program's or the music file's fault?
This song don't work in my rom, can someone check it?

It's the smb3 stage 1-1 theme submited by J.J. few days ago, I've inserted some songs at same time and this is the only wrong file.
Kaijyuu, at line 4 you see a comma. Remove that and it should work fine.

Rodrigospek, which addmusic are you using? I'm asking because this song uses ADSR and I'm not sure nor familiar with Romi's version, if it does insert ADSR automatically. Though, if you're using Carol's addmusic, simply type -a in the cmd while using it or create a shortcut of the addmusic.exe file and type in -a into the target field, if I'm not wrong.
Mmm... I'm using addmusic of Romi, yes.... When I load a stage with this song, there is no sound (no music or fx), but I can play the stage without problems. Is it possible to insert this "ADSR" to Romi's addmusic?. The others songs I've inserted work fine, this is the only conflictive file to me....
I think you have to use then the N-SPC Patch.


F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
No, he doesn't. Afaik you can insert it with Romi's addmusic, too. It's written in the readme. Unfortunately I can't tell you how to do it because I don't use Romi's addmusic.
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